One week cycle tour- any recommendations?

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One week cycle tour- any recommendations?

Postby Johnsherrott1 » 25 Sep 2016, 11:50am

Hi All,

I'm hoping to plan a week away next year.
Can anyone recommend some nice one week rides around the UK or Europe?



steady eddy
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Re: One week cycle tour- any recommendations?

Postby steady eddy » 27 Sep 2016, 11:12am

If you don't want big distances between towns then a week meandering around Zeeland in the south of the Netherlands is really good and easy from Harwich by ferry. We loved it.
Staying closer to (my) home what about a week around Norfolk and Suffolk - quiet, mainly flat roads, beautiful scenery and coastline, Adnams beer, Norwich - "what's not to like" as they say.
Happy to advise on either in more detail if you pm me.

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Re: One week cycle tour- any recommendations?

Postby Vorpal » 27 Sep 2016, 12:01pm

What do you want to include in your tour? Beautiful scenery? Romantic ruins? Good food? Breweries? distilleries? Art Museums? WWII sites?

I tend to pick places by things I want to see as much as anything else. Though I have gotten a few tours by tacking them onto a business trip.
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Re: One week cycle tour- any recommendations?

Postby scoot » 13 Oct 2016, 3:40pm

Hi John,

Depends upon where you live or how far you want to travel.

I am currently planning my first week tour around the inland sea area of Holland.

Main reasons:
So many cycle routes - looks like I can spend most of my time away from roads
Holland is geared up for cyclists
The Dutch are so nice and most speak English
As much as I like a good hill - there are no hills :)
Lovely scenery, towns and rivers not to mention the odd windmill or 2 :)
I only live 20 miles from Harwich so very easy to get there

Currently I ma looking at 2 routes; the first around the inland sea and the second up the west side and down the north sea coast. Both are about 250 to 300 miles but with the cycle network I can change route easily to take in extra if I have the legs and time or go straight (ish) if the legs are grumbling or the wind in my face. I can be quite windy due to being flat.

Hope you enjoy it.


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Re: One week cycle tour- any recommendations?

Postby peter8 » 15 Oct 2016, 7:43am

In this country, I found this great route around Cornwall on the Pannier cc website:

It visits some amazing destinations, particularly around Portscatho and the Roseland peninsula.

There is also an account of the writers' trip on the Pannier CC website, although at times it does
rather read like an advertisement for the restaurants, etc. which the pair visit.

Also, there are some significant errors in the GPX track but bring a couple of maps with you or
download the OS maps to your phone.

I did this in June and can heartily recommend it, as well as most of their eating choices.

Beware though, the first stage from Penzance is extremely hilly!

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Re: One week cycle tour- any recommendations?

Postby gordonyoung » 15 Oct 2016, 8:25pm

I think the River Maine in Germany is one of the best tours, Fly to Frankfurt (with your bikes if you want ) - very cycle friendly airport and then cycle to Bamberg - pretty town with good beer. Do it in late August and finish up with the beer festival. Take the train back to Frankfurt and fly home. It is what cycling should be like everywhere!

Milfred Cubicle
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Re: One week cycle tour- any recommendations?

Postby Milfred Cubicle » 23 Oct 2016, 8:28pm

If it's the U.K you fancy, Wester Ross/Lochaber makes a brilliant base. Not many shops, mobile phone coverage is patchy, but the scenery is hard to beat. Add in that between ferry times even the main roads can be've got a recipe for a cracking tour.

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Re: One week cycle tour- any recommendations?

Postby EwaHolender » 11 Jan 2017, 6:10am

I do a one week trip to Poland each summer and have loved the experience - there's mountains with good climbs in the south or flat lake country in the north, great food, cheap but decent accommodation, beautiful scenery, lots of flights, quiet country roads (especially out east) and a lot of history to see along the way. Happy to send you some ideas for routes (this year will be my eighth trip!) if that helps. We've also biked across the border to Slovakia and the Czech Republic, also very pretty.

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