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by freebooter
29 Dec 2014, 7:01am
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Default tourer?
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Re: Default tourer?

I have never ridden an lht but from the specs it looks an ok bike but does seem to be a victory of marketing rather than anything exceptional about the bike itself.

Touring bikes used to be very unfashionable. The 700 lhts don't look to be fundamentally different to Galaxies or any other traditional touring bike and the 26" version was predated by the Dawes Sardar that had the same disk/rim capability but with a better quality Reynolds frame rather than generic cromo.

Dawes just didn't have the same internet savvy at promoting their bikes as modern and trendy.
by freebooter
16 Dec 2014, 7:01pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Posting tyres
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Re: Posting tyres

4 rings :shock: I have seen 2 and 3 but not 4.

The reason I didn't want to fold them was I tried a few years ago with another tyre and ended up with a definite twist/kink in the bead. I think I have an old tyre somewhere that I could have another go with and see if I can get the technique right without risking the ones I want to sell.
by freebooter
16 Dec 2014, 5:13pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Posting tyres
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Posting tyres

I have a pair of 27 1/4 tyres I want to sell. They are light but because of the size all the postage options I have found so far are expensive. ie £8 upwards. I don't want to fold them.

Does anyone know of a reasonably priced courier option for bike tyres?

by freebooter
25 Oct 2014, 9:19am
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Topic: very small chain lube dispenser for touring
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Re: very small chain lube dispenser for touring

Small bottles of this type are used a lot by people for e cigarette liquid. Available on ebay eg
by freebooter
10 Jul 2014, 3:24pm
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Topic: Lowrider recommendation for these forks
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Re: Lowrider recommendation for these forks

Bit late but if the rack you have ordered doesn't fit you could look at the Hebie Expedition front rack. Both the top and bottom attachments slide along the rack so it may have more adjustability. ... 0mm-black/
by freebooter
22 Apr 2014, 8:11am
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Topic: Touring disc hubs
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Re: Touring disc hubs

reohn2 wrote:
mercalia wrote:
well it was once also a fact that the world was flat.

Yebbut most people didn't know any different then,the ones that did or suspected otherwise, were so frightened of what the Church might do to them if they said otherwise,they kept quiet until a brave soul decided to speak out.

Nonsense, people in Europe had known the earth was spherical since the Greeks. Other cultures believed in a flat earth - the Chinese for example.
by freebooter
4 Mar 2014, 8:15pm
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Topic: Tyres for hookless rims
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Re: Tyres for hookless rims

I ran into problems with this recently. I have an old Raleigh I wanted to get back on the road as a cheap bike for short local use. It has 27 1/4 wheels and it hadn't registered that they were hookless.

I was really pleased to find some Schwalbe tyres at a good price but despite the labels saying they can be used on hookless rims I had the tyre blow off once in the garage. I then fitted another tube and when inflated to only about 60psi I could see the tyre being pushed off the rim but I managed to deflate before it blew. I then realized that the tyres have a 50 psi limit on hookless rims. Inflated to just below that and the tyre hasn't blown off yet but I haven't been brave enough to ride it tbh. Also 45-50 psi isn't really enough for such a narrow tyre.

The tyre bead was slightly deformed and not completly circular which doesn't help. I suspect though that the tyre bead is probably made a bit bigger than old ones to make it easier to fit and a bead would hold it on.

The bike and unused tyres have been put back in the garage while I decide what to do with it. I don't really fancy spending more on tyres in the hope others may work better.
by freebooter
11 Feb 2014, 8:23am
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Topic: Pop-up tents
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Re: Pop-up tents

Your described usage is summer low land camping in Europe. For this you can certainly get away with a cheap low spec tent. Probably 90%+ of people on this site only camp in similar situations but for some reason a large number believe they need hundreds of pounds worth of top spec mountaineering tent to do so.

The great advantage with a cheap tent is that if it does get destroyed in a hundred year storm or stolen or suffers any other calamity it is no great loss and you can just get to the nearest town or supermarket and buy another cheap tent.

Some things to consider is space - are you taller than average, how much space will you need for kit? Also colour - are you going to stealth camp, if so then a bright orange tent isn't great. Other than that quality does tend to go up with price. Materials get lighter and more waterproof. Alloy poles are better than fibreglass. Cheap tents may come with steel pegs which are heavy. If so buying replacement alloy pegs will be a cheap way to lighten the tent.

The tent you linked to will probably do the job but it does have fibreglass poles (you can buy it for £5 less if you look around). If you can stretch into the £50-100 range then you will find better specced tents that will easily cope with what you want. This would be a bargain and probably ideal for what you want if you don't mind the colour. It has alloy poles and pegs, reasonably good materials, just over 2kg and is from a decent manufacturer. ... 80-5492569

As you posted this question I assume that you haven't had much experience of tents. After 4 months camping you will know what you liked and didn't about the tent you take and will be in a better position to choose a tent in the future. A lot of what people tell you will be their own preferences and nothing beats experience in finding out what works for you.

Edit: GoOutdoor look to have a few reduced if you pay £5 for a Discount Card. eg ... nt-p261510

This one at F&T looks ok ... e=78314590
by freebooter
1 Feb 2014, 9:59pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Merino wool why so special
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Re: Merino wool why so special

I think it is just the diameter of the fibres that make Merino special. Above a certain diameter the wool will produce fabric that itches, thinner and it doesn't.
by freebooter
1 Feb 2014, 9:51pm
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Topic: OpenFietsMap Europa (=OpenCycleMap Europe)
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Re: OpenFietsMap Europa (=OpenCycleMap Europe)

Am I right in thinking the downloaded map can be used with oruxmaps in Android? Also is the UK in the Western or Northern Europe map?

I have the downloaded OSM with Osmand but prefer the cycle map version.

by freebooter
9 Oct 2013, 10:59pm
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Inner tube says BANG
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Inner tube says BANG

I have an old bike that hasn't been used for a long time and I wanted to get it working again just for local use. It needed new tyres and takes 27 x 1 1/4. After looking at real cheap ones on ebay I found what seemed like a great deal at SPA for Schwalbe ones.

I fitted one the other day and after pumping it up I was checking around the rim that it had seated correctly when BANG. The tube had blown the tyre off the rim and there was a large split in the tube.

The rims don't have a lip on them like modern rims. The label on the tyre said not to inflate beyond 50psi on this type of rim and I didn't. I checked that the tube wasn't trapped under the tyre before inflating and there were no spokes poking through the rim tape.

I tried again with another tube. When inflated I actually saw part of the tyre bead slipping above the rim. I managed to release the valve before it moved enough to let the tube burst. Trying again I partly inflated the tyre and found where it was bulging away from the rim and pushed it back and held it in while inflating the rest of the way. This seemed to work and the tyre is still ok several days later.

However, there is still a section where the indicator line that should be just clear of the rim is further out than the rest of the tyre. Hence I wouldn't feel very secure riding on it.

Has anyone else had problems with modern tyres on old rims without a lip? The tyre was very easy to fit and that made me wonder whether they were made bigger than they they used to be as the lip on modern tyres would hold them on.

I might try the other tyre and see if they both have the same problem.
by freebooter
27 Aug 2013, 9:57am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: When di V brakes become common?
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When di V brakes become common?

Does anyone know when V brakes were introduced and took over from cantis?

I used to have a Trek 820 in the late 90s that had cantis but it was a fairly old 2nd hand bike when I got it.
by freebooter
21 Aug 2013, 10:38pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Bioflex website?
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Re: Bioflex website?

Thanks for the reply but the website is useless. I was looking for more info on one of their saddles but they just have one uninformative picture, no dimensions or weight.
by freebooter
21 Aug 2013, 10:55am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Bioflex website?
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Bioflex website?

Does anyone know if Bioflex saddles have a website? Can't find one and I am trying to find some more info on one of their saddles.

by freebooter
26 Jul 2013, 7:30am
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Topic: dawes kingpin stem remove
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Re: dawes kingpin stem remove

Too late :(

IIRC the Raleigh 20, which was similar, had a cable inside the steerer and was attached to the front brake bolt that stopped the steerer being extended too high. If the kingpin is the same then that will need to be released by remving the front brake bolt.