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by bob simpson
22 Mar 2020, 6:37pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Corona virus - impact on European tours in next 3 months?
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Re: Corona virus - impact on European tours in next 3 months?

Just received an email that Caravan and Motor home club is closing all sites..
by bob simpson
8 Mar 2020, 10:44pm
Forum: For Sale - bits of bikes, etc.
Topic: Sugoi Mens Zap Bike Jacket
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Sugoi Mens Zap Bike Jacket

Sugoi Mens Zap Long Sleeve Full Zip Sports Bike Jacket size large light grey. In very good condition £15 posted. The Sugoi Zap Bike Jacket is a perfect jacket for riding in low light conditions, as the whole jacket is reflective when artificial light is placed upon it. This makes it highly visible i...
by bob simpson
19 Oct 2019, 8:05pm
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: It's very wet! - submerging the electric motor in floodwater
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Re: It's very wet! - submerging the electric motor in floodwater

My Riese and Muller Supercharger got a similar soaking when I rode through a flooded dip in the road. I went on to cycle another 25 miles no problems so I wouldn't worry.
by bob simpson
26 Sep 2019, 8:46pm
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: Do E-bike riders get more exercise than regular cyclists ?
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Re: Do E-bike riders get more exercise than regular cyclists ?

As a "normal " cyclist who has toured extensively in Europe I've witnessed the explosion in Ebikes. My touring has evolved from travelling fully loaded with 4 panniers , tent and cooking gear. The next stage was light weight touring with 2 lightly loaded panniers, staying in hostels and ho...
by bob simpson
6 Mar 2019, 11:18pm
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: Riese and Muller
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Re: Riese and Muller

The Charger with Rohloff is about the same as a year's deprecation on a mid range new car.
by bob simpson
23 Jan 2019, 5:54pm
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: Best Ebikes for Touring?
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Re: Best Ebikes for Touring?

I've recently purchased a Giant Explore +1 which I can recommend. Will handle any type of touring you may wish to try.

by bob simpson
8 Aug 2018, 7:21pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Map of Ijmuiden to Amsterdam
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Re: Map of Ijmuiden to Amsterdam

're the food on the boat, if you don't mind paying €32 for a meal. No other options on the boat service has deteriorated recently. Travelled recently on P&O and Brittany ferries recently, streets ahead of DFDS.
by bob simpson
11 May 2016, 8:07pm
Forum: Cycling Goods & Services - Your Reviews
Topic: Clickstand
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I recently had a clickstand for sale . This was because I bought a new Nomad frame and the clickstand was too small. As it did not selling contacted Tom at clickstand to as if an additional section could be fitted to make it fit. Tom was away on holiday but asked me to send the new measurements and ...
by bob simpson
17 Jan 2014, 3:46pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Scotland Is Getting Too Dear.
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Re: Scotland Is Getting Too Dear.

That will be because our London Government have privatised the trains. :D
by bob simpson
3 Mar 2013, 7:34am
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Show your touring bikes !!!!
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Re: Show your touring bikes !!!!

My Thorn Sterling.

by bob simpson
8 Apr 2012, 10:49pm
Forum: Cycle Camping sub-forum
Topic: camping chair hunt
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Re: camping chair hunt

I have just bought a Walkstool for my next and although it was expensive it is compact, light and very comportable.

by bob simpson
17 Nov 2011, 9:56pm
Forum: Cycle Camping sub-forum
Topic: Pictures of your tents.
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Re: Pictures of your tents.

A photo of wild camping in Croatia my this May. Hilleberg Soulo tent , Thorn Raven tour bike
by bob simpson
31 Oct 2011, 8:44am
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Bikes in Venice
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Re: Bikes in Venice

My friend and I arrived in Venice off the overnight train this may with our bike intending to have a quick look around before taking the train to Trieste. Althought bikes are not banned in Venice we gave up very quickly after lugging heavy touring bikes up and down steps and bridges. What we did see...
by bob simpson
20 Sep 2011, 1:19pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: surly/hewitt/other? - your experiences
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Re: surly/hewitt/other? - your experiences

i'm sure you could get a Thorn Sherpa in the size you want and with in your budget. Very good bike, I had one before buying a Thorn Raven Tour.

by bob simpson
21 Apr 2011, 7:16pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Found a perfect bike but afraid it is a wrong size. Help.
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Re: Found a perfect bike but afraid it is a wrong size. Help

It's a bit late now but my friend sold sold this bike for £640. it would have been a good fit for you and would have been capable of expedition touring without modification. It will be possible to get a bike that fits with in your budget.viewtopic.php?f=40&t=49341