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by Barrenfluffit
13 Mar 2017, 9:18am
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Sourcing water
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Re: Sourcing water

I've seen a few petrol filling stations with an outside tap; unless the place has a private water supply it's likely to be the local drinking water.
by Barrenfluffit
1 Feb 2017, 8:43pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Any tips for touring on the cheap?
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Re: Any tips for touring on the cheap?

The main expense when your moving is food and drink so supermarkets and self catering is your friend. Buying a good second hand touring bike can be tricky; you have to know a fair bit about what your looking at and even then its a bit of a punt re comfort/fit. Usually its better to look at what you ...
by Barrenfluffit
26 Jan 2017, 11:07pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Amsterdam
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Re: Amsterdam

Bmblbzzz wrote:Train to Brussels then Eurostar?

I did this a couple of years ago (but things do change). There was an hourly service but it wasn't that fast. The slight complication is buying bike tickets for Belgian trains in Amsterdam. I don't recall how this was handled.
by Barrenfluffit
24 Jan 2017, 9:45pm
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Topic: Xing America
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Re: Xing America

The ACA suggest taking 3 months to cross but the 90 day visa limit is potentially restrictive. Thus you need to allow for getting between the entry/exit airports and the start / finish points. It's not a tight schedule per se but if you had other plans.
by Barrenfluffit
11 Jan 2017, 9:29am
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Topic: Night Scopes any use?
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Re: Night Scopes any use?

Sneaking past border guards because you can't get the right visa?

Spotting danger when cycling through big game country at night?

Also struggling with this.
by Barrenfluffit
6 Jan 2017, 4:56pm
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Topic: Europe-wide Route Maps -
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Re: Europe-wide Route Maps -

Most of the mapping organisations are national; detailed maps tend to be based on one countries standards. Often cycle routes are shown on the larger scale maps which are a burden for the touring cyclist.. I've used the Michelin France Atlas Routier 1:200k spiral bound atlas as a source. Its cheap b...
by Barrenfluffit
27 Dec 2016, 10:45pm
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Topic: Camping Gas Canisters - How Full/Empty?
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Re: Camping Gas Canisters - How Full/Empty?

Or refill them? This seems a lot of effort / risk compared to buying an adapter that allows you to use the butane cannisters with the stove. Incidentally the first post suggested that that if a cannister was full it bare...
by Barrenfluffit
24 Dec 2016, 1:12pm
Forum: Cycle Camping sub-forum
Topic: Camping Gas Canisters - How Full/Empty?
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Re: Camping Gas Canisters - How Full/Empty?

The camping gaz CV300+ cylinder has 240g printed on it but this is the gas weight only. A full cannister weighs about 360g so the cannister is 120g
It floats with about 2/3rds of the canister submerged.
by Barrenfluffit
30 Nov 2016, 6:04pm
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Topic: Maps for Holland tour
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Re: Maps for Holland tour

The A4ish spiral bound michelin atlas for Benelux and take out / copy the pages you need. It's not too many pages per day but has lots of detail when you study it closely.
by Barrenfluffit
30 Nov 2016, 5:53pm
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Topic: Getting 'caught out'
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Re: Getting 'caught out'

I got a bit caught out when the hostel was closed. The campsite 8 miles on turned out to be idyllic. I don't mind the odd night of wild camping but enjoy a hot shower and electricity. The place I really struggled with was Berlin in high summer. Huge number of hostel beds but lots with an age restric...
by Barrenfluffit
4 Oct 2016, 9:15pm
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Topic: I plan to cycle from Bilbao to Valencia
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Re: I plan to cycle from Bilbao to Valencia

My advice would be to listen to your body and work with it. Allow more rest days to get yourself fitter and do things that make you more comfortable. The main thing is to have a fairly dogged attitude and achievable aims. Achievable in the sense that you can recover overnight and do the next day too...
by Barrenfluffit
24 Aug 2016, 5:37pm
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Topic: Train to Istanbul?
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Re: Train to Istanbul?

My experience was 7 years ago taking a sleeper from Belgrade to Istanbul but without a bike. In practise the easiest way to book it was via an agency called "Wasteels" that had an office in the station. I understand that the national systems were quite basic and didn't really talk to each ...
by Barrenfluffit
11 Jul 2016, 8:05pm
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Topic: Alternative to Bike Express
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Re: Alternative to Bike Express

There's a note on the megabus site that the business has been sold to a german company as of 1/7/16.
by Barrenfluffit
7 Jul 2016, 3:00pm
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Spares for France
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Re: Spares for France

It's not easy deciding when to change to 700c as it always involves discarding some part used components. I replaced a 27" wheel when the screw on freewheel failed and was impossible to remove. This was a mistake; I should have gone straight to 700c. However I did replace the centre-pulls with ...