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by sbesley
13 Oct 2016, 12:58am
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: eurovelo Portugal
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Re: eurovelo Portugal

I cycled a section of this from Lisbon to Vila Nova de Milfontes last year. My original plan had been to ride from Lisbon to Faro, but a series of gales and very wet days led to me cutting short my ride. I was unaware that is was a Eurovelo route though. Certainly not waymarked as such on the sectio...
by sbesley
7 Apr 2016, 12:26am
Forum: The Cycling UK brand refresh
Topic: The Rebrand is Essential to our Future
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Re: The Rebrand is Essential to our Future

Mick F said it perfectly.... ... I didn't want to convert to a charity and I don't want a name change. I voted NO to convert and I haven't been given the chance to vote NO to a name change. As I said, I'm out. I won't be renewing my membership. ... +1 The corporate speak, the 'charity' professionali...
by sbesley
2 Sep 2015, 1:39am
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: What do you do when the going gets tough?
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Re: What do you do when the going gets tough?

Have a boiled sweet! Set myself a micro-goal. Might be another 500ft of a climb or another 5 miles on the flat. then treat myself to another boiled sweet etc. (repeat as necessary...) A long ride ahead can seem daunting. I like to divide it into fractions and then constantly adjust the fractions of ...
by sbesley
8 Jun 2015, 7:24pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Security - 2 questions
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Re: Security - 2 questions

I am just about to upgrade my lock after an incident yesterday! Stopped at a nice pub for a pint and on leaving as I was unlocking the bike, the key broke off in the lock. After some faffing around it became clear I needed some help. I called a local mate, who arrived with a small hacksaw. It took h...
by sbesley
13 Apr 2015, 12:38am
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Off touring tomorrow! (well later today)
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Re: Off touring tomorrow! (well later today)

Good luck and enjoy!

Impressed that you've managed to keep your luggage 9kgs!

Hope you have some lovely weather and nice tailwinds...
by sbesley
29 Nov 2014, 1:39am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Cycle to Work - one-man company
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Re: Cycle to Work - one-man company

I am a partner in a small business. As an owner I am ineligible for the Cycle to Work scheme. We have signed up to it so one of my 2 employees can benefit though and now she has got a nice bike through the scheme. However our accountant had advised that we may also in addition have a company 'pool b...
by sbesley
12 Aug 2014, 12:05am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: A good courier
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Re: A good courier

Have a look at:

they act as an agent for various courier companies.

As yours will be a large parcel choice is limited, but avoid Citylink.

I recommend Interparcel Standard which is actually UPS. We use them a few times a week for our business.
by sbesley
4 Jun 2014, 1:57am
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Topic: Dover to London for family
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Re: Dover to London for family


Off topic - but save your money and avoid Madame Tassaude's. It is basically a horrible tourist trap. The kids and I failed to recognize most of the 'celebrities'. Whether this was due to our avoidance of trash TV and the tabloid press or the poor quality of the wax works I don't know :wink:
by sbesley
4 Jun 2014, 1:37am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Cycling blog help?
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Re: Cycling blog help?

+1 for Crazyguyonabike

if you want to share your story with fellow cyclists that's the place to post.

Individual 'blogs' elsewhere tend to get lost in vastness of the internet.

by sbesley
3 Apr 2014, 1:33am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Family member/friend is a terrible driver?
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Re: Family member/friend is a terrible driver?


A crass posting.

... as I hope you are aware.

You'll have to be a lot more canny to sucker anyone here.
by sbesley
1 Apr 2014, 1:11am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Starting a bike tour business, feasible or not?
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Re: Starting a bike tour business, feasible or not?

I have pondered the same thing, living in a nice part of East Anglia. Seems like for day rides, the money will be in the bike hire, rather than the guided tour. Certainly not in the packed lunches unless they involve much more than a few sandwiches and a drink. Perhaps the strategy could be as a 'hi...
by sbesley
6 Nov 2013, 12:58am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Etrex 30 Mount
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Re: Etrex 30 Mount

I made the mistake of buying the cheaper one. Just one week into ownership of my new Etrex 20, I hit a bump, it flew off and hit the road smashing the screen! Garmin replaced the Etrex at a cost of £70 and I always use an extra lanyard for safety now. I suspect the problem is with the design of the ...
by sbesley
26 Oct 2013, 2:04am
Forum: On the road
Topic: Triple v Compact
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Re: Triple v Compact

When I had built my frame up I specified a triple. A decision I haven't regretted. Even though I hardly ever use it! The lowest set of ratios, accounts for less 0.5% of my miles, but I wouldn't be without them. It is nice to have a bailout gear :) and.. yes it is all in your head. The rest of the wo...
by sbesley
29 Sep 2013, 2:07am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: My Mercian nightmare continues
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Re: My Mercian nightmare continues

Late here, but I have quite a lot of sympathy (and I am very satisfied Mercian owner) with the OP. With Mercian you are buying a premium product and paying handsomely for it. I don't think whether you would notice the 5mm difference on the road or not is the real issue. It is the poor customer servi...
by sbesley
16 Sep 2013, 11:15pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: River Rhine.
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Re: River Rhine.

I rode this route a few years ago, bought the Bikeline guides but also Cycling the Rhine Route: Bicycle Touring Along the Historic Rhine River by John Powell. On the plus side this book is in English and covers the route in the 'right' direction for you. However I found the directions rather fussy a...