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by essexian
22 Jul 2021, 8:38am
Forum: Family Cycling
Topic: Wye Valley Greenway
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Re: Wye Valley Greenway

"Paul and Rebecca" have done a Youtube video on the route:
by essexian
1 Jun 2021, 1:48pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Trent and Mersey Canal, Stoke>South
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Re: Trent and Mersey Canal, Stoke>South

If you find the path not to your liking by the time you reach the Longton Road, the road route from there to Stone via Barlaston Old Road and Meaford Road is very easy riding.... unless it's raining cats and dogs like last time I did it when I almost drown in the puddles.... little chance of that tomorrow!
by essexian
21 Mar 2021, 9:00am
Forum: On the road
Topic: Worst ride ever?!!
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Re: Worst ride ever?!!

I thought until yesterday it would have been that Sunday back in April 2002 when I cycled the mile or so to the newsagents three days after a car accident and in doing so, ripped my left calf muscle so badly that I could not cycle again for 7 years.

Or, the time I needed 11 stitches in my head after falling over walking back to my bike from a cafe stop.... my helmet was in my hand at the time (this might have been one time where it would have done some good but who knows.... I'm not willing to try the same incident again just to check).

But no, the worst ride ever was yesterday. A local ride (for local people) around the flat lands to the east of the town (a total of 240 foot climbing in 11 miles...hardly a hill in sight). Why was it so bad? Well, it was my first ride in six months and what fitness I had left has completely disappeared. I slept for three hours when I got back I was so tired and I hurt really badly this morning. And my average speed.... 9.9mph. I used to be able to walk faster!

I guess its my own fault for not trying harder but after four years of really working hard on my weight and fitness, my back went in 2019: I was in bed unable to move for nearly a month, so I guess I just gave in as the pain was too much. It turns out that I have 3 crumbling discs.

Sigh, I'm 60 this year and so wanted to do some of the epic trips most cyclists want to do, but I doubt I'll ever do and end to end at this rate....doubt I'll get 3 months off work if I do it at this rate!

Sorry for the whinge. The bike is in the car so I should go out again in the next few minutes but what's that.... another cup of tea.... and a bit of cake :oops:
by essexian
5 Jul 2020, 8:50am
Forum: Lands End to John O'Groats
Topic: Is doing JOGLE solo lonely?
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Re: Is doing JOGLE solo lonely?

To me, it really depends upon what type of person you are. If you are like me then talking and/or interacting with other people is not high on my "must do" list. Indeed, some days I can go all day without speaking to anyone and feeling no harm from it (but only when "the wife" is out...ignore her at my peril!).

However, other people love to chat. I read a book once about a bloke walking around the coast of the UK. He left London heading east and before he had even reached Southend on Sea, he had met dozens of people. That sounds like Hell to me but to him, it was wonderful.

If you do need company, I am sure you will find it both in person and on social media if you do such. Indeed, take a mobile device and keep us up to date on your ride: I know for one I would enjoy reading that.
by essexian
2 Jul 2020, 6:37am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: ? Easy 100km rides in the Midlands, England?
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Re: ? Easy 100km rides in the Midlands, England?

When trains are available for all again, then I quite like a ride starting from Shrewsbury following the disused canal out of town (mostly a reasonable cycle path) to Uffington, then onto Rodington, Admaston, Wappenshall Junction and then either up the hill to Lilleshall (300 foot climb in three miles) or flat into Newport. You can then take the back lanes to Penkridge (train station) or loop around to Stafford via Acton Trussell. For a few more miles, you can take the disused railway path out of Stafford and head the 12 miles to Stone where there is a train station with links to Stoke/Crewe and down to London via Stafford, Lichfield and Nuneaton. The route to Stone is includes a reasonable cycle path alongside the A34

Flat for most of the ride while in Shropshire with a few, less than 100 foot high lumps in Staffordshire. If you prefer, I am sure there is a route from Newport into Wolverhampton which is on the same line as Shrewsbury station.
by essexian
26 Apr 2020, 7:09am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: best bikes for le jog ride???
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Re: best bikes for le jog ride???

How much have you got to spend?

Planning a ride now is a great idea but you don't say how much experience of riding and fitness you have. Given that August is only four months away, you need to get some miles in quick or you may struggle with the distance.
by essexian
15 Apr 2020, 7:36am
Forum: On the road
Topic: Embarrassing confessions
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Re: Embarrassing confessions

Soon after returning to cycling in 2009, I found myself at the roundabout in Eccleshall unable to unclip and fell.... nothing strange about that as I guess we have all done it. However, I did it in front of two police officers who did one of two things:

1) Stepped into the road to stop the traffic to allow me time to get up and on my way, or

2) Laughed and called me a "berk"

I'll leave you to guess which it was......

And, just for a bit of additional fun... I brought some rollers for indoor training. They were fine but not really usable with 7 cats as the cats loved walking in front of me causing me to brake....yes, I know.... and resulting in at least one fall. The rollers were quickly sold and replaced with a turbo!
by essexian
12 Apr 2020, 9:09am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Please help me buy a bike
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Re: Please help me buy a bike

If you don't delay.... there are likely to be few left in stock, then this may suit: ... cross-bike

Apart from the colour scheme that is. Carbon with a decent set of disc brakes and all for under £900. I almost went for it a few weeks back when they still had my size in stock but sadly N=N+1 rules do not apply in my household.
by essexian
17 Jul 2017, 6:49am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Route needed in Shropshire for my hybrid bike
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Re: Route needed in Shropshire for my hybrid bike

I can think of a few off road paths you could try.

The first is actually only in Shropshire for a few miles before moving into Staffordshire: the Stafford to Newport greenway. Built on an old railway line, this path has: for most of its length, a compacted ash/gravel surface which is fine for most bikes (although I would not like to try it on a TT bike!) and runs for 13 miles between the two named towns. Approximately half way is the village of Gnosall which has a pub and a chip shop right on the route should you need a break. Also at Gnosall is the Stafforshire Canal which reaches down to Wolverhampton and up via Market Drayton to Ellesmere Port etc. The path is a bit rough/unmade in places but doable on a hybrid

Talking about Ellesmere, the canal path around there is excellent, whilst there is a path around the lake you could try.

A bit further south, there is the a major path in Telford called the Silkin Way which runs from the Town Park down to Ironbridge and also a disused railway path which runs south from Ironbridge towards Bridgnorth: I've never used this path so am not sure of the quality, although I have heard that it can be quite rough in places.

For nice places on road to cycle, I would suggest anywhere to the west of Newport is lovely as it has reasonably flat lanes and very little traffic, with the same being said for the area around Wixhall. you get fitter it's worth doing the Burway... actually, its worth watching Youtube videos on people climbing the Burway is what I meant! :D
by essexian
29 Jul 2015, 7:26am
Forum: Lands End to John O'Groats
Topic: Green routes?
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Re: Green routes?

I don't know whether this book would be of any use to you.

Land's End to John O'Groats - Cycling the Google Route: Roy's Mad Adventure

The author wanted an off road route after being hit by a lorry so used Google Maps bicycle maps to plan such. In places, it did seem to take him around the houses somewhat but was an interesting idea and read....and no, I am not the author or his agent! :D
by essexian
3 Jul 2015, 7:22am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: West Midlands - Route advice
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Re: West Midlands - Route advice

Can anyone confirm whether the Coseley Tunnel has re-opened? It was closed when I tried to use it about 9 months ago.

"Helpfully" the River and Canal trust website has not been updated for a year and still shows it closed. ... ook-bridge

As others have said, the Wolverhampton to Birmingham route is usable unless it is raining/has rained as it turns into a mud bath.
by essexian
25 Apr 2015, 8:17am
Forum: On the road
Topic: Stafford > Newport (Shrops) cycleway
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Re: Stafford > Newport (Shrops) cycleway

I did the Haughton to the Derrington section last week and they have done some "improvements" just before the now closed Red Lion pub in Derrington. However, the improvements mean simply widening the path to around 3m but not putting down a new top surface making it quite nasty to cycle on using 28mm tyres. The rest of the path into Stafford was really nasty for road bikes last time I used it so I tend to avoid it going around via the back road from Doxey.

As a path its really a rather useful way of getting between Stafford and Newport as it avoids the nasty A518 and the small hills between Gnosall and Newport which some "family" riders might find a bit difficult. At approximately 13 miles each way, its also quite a nice day out for families: there are pubs and a chip shop in Gnosall and a "burger bar" in the car park at the Newport end.

My two grumbles about the path are that "they" tend not to do much in the way of cutting back the vegetation meaning in places the path is only a metre wide and secondly, there are too many Strava segments on the route. Given that its used my walkers, dog walkers and families out for a simple Sunday cycle, its not suitable for setting a fastest time on!

Finally.... if you are interested in riding the path and like raising money for a good cause... Katherine House Hospice are using the path next Sunday for a 20 mile fund raising event. There are also rides of 45 miles and 60 miles available. If my leg heals in time I'll be doing the 45 miler.
by essexian
3 Oct 2012, 7:51am
Forum: On the road
Topic: Peaceful Road cycling in the Midlands?
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Re: Peaceful Road cycling in the Midlands?

You mention Cannock so it might be that you live close to there? If so, there are loads of quiet roads and lanes to the north and west of the town centre. I would suggest using the Old Penkridge Road to leave the town and then turn left down Sandy Lane. This takes you into some great cycling lands (mostly "flat"... no climbs more than 200 feet) with no major roads from there to Snifnal or north to past Eccleshall.

If you can get to Penkridge, just about every road (apart from the A449) is quiet and a pleasure to cycle upon. From Stafford, there are two off road routes out of town which take you either out towards Stone where you will find hills or towards Gnosall and Newport (the first part of this route is not suitable for road bikes.... unless you are well padded, :shock: ). The roads in Stafford are fine (apart from the Newport Road which can be a nightmare) unless the M6 is blocked in which case, forget it.

There are a couple of cycling clubs in the Stafford area: Stafford Road Club, Stone Wheelers and Newport (I think there are two clubs in Newport). Its worth containing them to see if they have a ride for you (there are two in Stafford on a Saturday which may interest you: the first is a ride on Saturday mornings for newbies while in the afternoon, there is a family ride).
by essexian
19 Feb 2011, 1:53pm
Forum: On the road
Topic: Stafford Station bike faccilities
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Re: Stafford Station bike faccilities


I use Stafford Station about 4 times a month and often leave my bike there. So far, I have had no problems leaving it overnight (done it 3 or 4 times) and have never seen any evidence of other users having difficulites. The station is staffed and the bike stands are right by the waiting room and the Staff rest rooms.

As Flinders said, it can get busy there but I have not had problems getting a space, even if I have had to share. There are also hoops outside the station by the main road: I wouldn't use these myself: Too much passing foot traffic.

The station staff are friendly and will answer any questions you have I would think.

Hope this helps.