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by shortclaud
16 Jan 2019, 4:51pm
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Topic: Cycling to work
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Cycling to work

I'm not sure where to hang this post, but here goes.....
I've always cycled to work, and for me showers take too long. I find a sink, and have a quick scrub with a flannel. I'm dealing face-to-face with customers every day and must look presentable, and it works for me.
I may be able to influence the design of the changing facilities in the new building that replaces the one where I'm working, and am pressing for 'sinks with privacy' rather than multiple showers. The other person who works here does the same as me, but what does everyone else do? Am I just plain wrong in regarding showers as not what active commuters want?
Comments please
by shortclaud
29 Jan 2016, 10:13pm
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Topic: Using this forum to raise sponsorship money for charity
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Using this forum to raise sponsorship money for charity

My wife and I (about seventy years CTC membership between us!), are about to attempt
our first serious ride for charity. In May we're down to ride 350 km in three days to raise
money for the Spinal Injuries Association, our favorite charity because about 25 years
ago we had a RTA which broke her back and put her in a wheelchair for life. My question
is: what is this forums view on us asking for sponsors on this site, to help us reach our
target of £3000?
by shortclaud
19 Nov 2013, 3:51pm
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Topic: C. Bertrand & Co.
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Re: C. Bertrand & Co.

Attn Mick J

I'm in the process of acquiring a Bertrand tandem, and I'd love to see those pics of yours. Any prospect of you sending them my way? Any idea if the fellow in the USA actually got into print with his history of the company? Does your machine continue to give good service?

by shortclaud
28 May 2013, 10:55am
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Topic: World Naked Bike Ride in London; Sat 8th June
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World Naked Bike Ride in London; Sat 8th June

I have ridden the World Naked Bike Ride in London for the last three years. I recommend it, as I largely agree with the pro-cycling sentiment, and it makes such a wonderful change to release ones inhibitions. It is not even slightly lewd or smutty, but instead liberating and really quite sweet. And don't be put off by the name; it is 'clothes optional', though the majority of participants (about one thousand or so) are in the nuddy.

I can offer two spare saddles on the back of my triplet.
by shortclaud
28 Apr 2011, 3:06pm
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Topic: And all I wanted to do is quietly ride home
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Re: And all I wanted to do is quietly ride home

John Wrights tale makes me realise (even more than I did before) how rarely any sort of justice occurs in cyclists v's car.

As it happens I did have a witness, who 100% corroborates my side of things. I mentioned this person’s existence to the police, who took much interest in this, but did not contact this person to confirm. I feel the polices decision in shelving any prosecution was in no small part due to me saying I had a witness.

Morale of this part of my tale: say you have a witness.
by shortclaud
27 Apr 2011, 8:40pm
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Topic: And all I wanted to do is quietly ride home
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Re: And all I wanted to do is quietly ride home

Well I am suprised. If I'd posted all this on the 'top gear' forum, I would of expected replies such as those from Meic and Kwackers. But on a cycling forum? Am I missing something, or wasn't me who was first assulted? What had I done to the four gentlemen in the car to need to slow down and try to drag me off my bike? The accidental damage caused when trying to talk to the driver was exactly that: an accident. The assult was no accident. The police are in full possesion of the facts: their decision not to pursue this case perhaps gives an indication of where the justice lies.
by shortclaud
27 Apr 2011, 7:06pm
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Topic: And all I wanted to do is quietly ride home
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And all I wanted to do is quietly ride home

This all happened last week. This script is drawn from a letter I penned to Paul Kitson, the CTC legal man. Only the last paragraph is written a week later.

Description of incident 19th April 2011

I leave my cycling club headquarters, situated at Staines Sailing Club, Chertsey Lane Staines, after having completed an evening training run. I am cycling home alone, at a moderate pace, along Chertsey Lane , towards Staines Bridge at about 7.15 pm, Traffic is light, with cars passing me on the wide road, at approximately the speed limit there, 40 mph.
Suddenly there is a car right next to me, at my speed, and the front passenger is grabbing me. He fails to secure a grip, having attempted to grab my lycra shorts on my right thigh. The car then accelerates away. I hear laughter from the car as it does so. As it speeds away, I can see clearly that it is fully occupied, with two persons in the back seats, as well as the driver and the passenger who had struck me at the front. I do my best to get a description of this car.
I did not fall off my cycle, I am a very experienced cyclist, well skilled from over three decades of urban commuting, about half of which was into central London . I continue cycling, showing no expression of distress. I believe that to do so, merely increases the satisfaction of the aggressors.
As I carry on towards Staines bridge, I considered the possibility that I would see the car again, as often there is a queue of traffic at the roundabout adjacent the bridge. As I strongly disapprove of people leaning out of cars and striking innocent cyclists, I decided I would, if I caught the car, have a word with the driver, as I knew the passenger already had hostile intent, so there was no point in talking to him.
As I cycled under the railway bridge, some 400 yards from the roundabout, a queue of cars was beginning to form, and I thought it likely that the car containing my assailants was up ahead. I moved from the inside to the outside of the slow moving cars (so that I could talk with the driver), and after some ten or so vehicles, I saw the car containing my assailants
As I approached, I double checked that it was them, and the colour, style of car and reg plate, confirmed this. I drew next to the drivers door, having slowed to the 5mph or so of the queue. He did not see me. The drivers window was slightly wound down. In order to get his attention, I knocked firmly on the window. To my surprise, it shattered with a loud bang, showering the occupants with glass.
Suddenly things became serious. The driver shouted, and it was very obvious, that if I attempted to remonstrate with him now, both he and the other occupants of the car would beat me up.
Continuing cycling, I dipped behind the car, back to the cycle lane adjacent the kerb and cycled for my life. The car, I believe, mounted the kerb and attempted to pursue me along the cycle lane, though I was not looking behind me at the time to be sure of this. I made it to the roundabout, and, in an extremely agitated state, hid by some cars, queuing on the other side of the roundabout. I considered it too dangerous to just cycle away, as I felt certain that if they caught me, they would do me great harm. From my crouched position, many hundreds of yards away, I could clearly hear their shouts of anger.
After a couple of minutes trying to compose myself, I then left, using a back street route, and feeling extremely agitated.

Once home I contact Surrey police and give a full description of the incident. I am given a reference number, The next day there is a message on my answering machine from the police at Guildford, and when eventually I make contact, the person there tells me an allegation of criminal damage has been made and would I like to give the driver my mobile phone number so that both parties are happy: that I am to pay for the window. I decline to allow my mobile number to be given out, and ask the lady to instead get me his number so that I may contact.

Other aspects material.

I was in standard cycling apparel. I was wearing the usual cycling mitts. My left hand, the one I slapped on the drivers window to get his attention, has no wedding ring, or anything whatsoever hat could cause such a result. I was entirely composed at the time; I did not use anything like full strength, so it remains a mystery to me why the window shattered. It most certainly was not my intention for this to happen.

I was rather taken aback at the line taken by the lady from Guildford police, so was unprepared. She relayed me the drivers story, who said that his passenger had shouted at the cyclist. This may be so, but doesn’t mention the physically making contact aspect. The repeated line from the lady at Guildford police was that an agreement should be made between the two parties so that ‘both sides are happy’.

I was disinclined to ‘buy off’ my assailant. It does not seem right that the accidental damage that was caused was the only aspect being considered.

However the following day (2 days subsequent to the incident) the police phone me to say that they are filing the case, taking no further action. The only way I would hear more would be if the other party took out a private prosecution or small claim against me, which she thought unlikely.
I’m slightly tempted to press for a charge of criminal injury against the other party, as unlike all the other times over the years when bright herberts such as these have harassed me as a cyclist, this time they identified themselves. However the stress of it all is more than I can willingly contemplate, so here it will probably lie. Well, for once, in the game of cat versus mouse, the mouse came out on top.