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by 94inchandy
15 May 2017, 10:45am
Forum: Health and fitness
Topic: Gentle informal rides
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Gentle informal rides

Shropshire & Shrewsbury area,

We are a group that meet and ride as friends, If you fancy a gentle social ride around the lanes in the Shrewsbury area, you will never get dropped, we ride a gentle pace,

This is our facebook

most of our riders are Cycle UK Members, and you can see the (local C runs) Sunday Cycle UK runs on this facebook page
by 94inchandy
21 Mar 2015, 7:51pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Favourite tea shops
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Re: Favourite tea shops

here`s a lovely cafe stop, the type of place the kettle is always on and a very warm welcome to everyone, lovely owner clare (big bubbly personality) the cafe is set on the side of a fishing lake, it`s a old fashion cafe, do not expect silver service but you always get a warm welcome and a big mug of builders tea and a bacon butty or a full english breakfast at a fair price,
clare is loved by the local groups, and it is a cafe that is used as a stop on many runs

lakeside cafe, merrington carp fishery, merrington green (sheet 126) GR/457215 easy to get to and safe back road to ride on, Bomere Heath or from Baschurch,

cafe is open long hours on weekends as to feed hungry fishmen, so 07896868467 if you are passing and you need to find out if the cafe is open

the fishery has a facebook account ... y/timeline
by 94inchandy
11 Oct 2013, 6:12am
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: British Eagle Touristique?
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Re: British Eagle Touristique?

british eagle was a company working out of newtown powys, it was run by barry hoban (9 times TDF stage winner)and helen simpson (tommy`s wife) we where a small company, i was one of the mechanics that worked for the company, we had nothing to do with falcon we had more links with the clement`s brothers as the company was formed by the brothers
by 94inchandy
10 Jan 2013, 8:28pm
Forum: Campaigning & Public Policy
Topic: Bristish Cycling E-petition
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Bristish Cycling E-petition

just to let everyone know Bristish Cycling have a E-petition with the government

Road Safety - Driving Test and Highway Code

Responsible department: Department for Transport

Whilst the driving theory test has some optional cycling awareness questions, not everyone is tested with these and the practical driving test does not have any particular focus on cyclists. If drivers are not trained to be aware of cyclists and how to drive around them they will retain the lack of awareness after they pass their test. British Cycling supports the motoring organisations which are calling for harder tests and the inclusion of cycle awareness in the test.

British Cycling's manifesto says: changes to the driving test to make cycle awareness a core part of driver training and testing with emphasis on how much space to give cyclists and how to safely overtake cyclists.

We need to make this happen and stop people being needlessly killed on the roads.

please have a look at this E-petition it may help new drivers to under stand our needs on the road

cut and paste this address
by 94inchandy
3 Dec 2012, 7:17pm
Forum: Campaigning & Public Policy
Topic: shared pavements
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shared pavements

can i ask as a cyclist that has over 278,000 miles on my clock, a racing cyclist and a club cyclist,
why dose my local ctc always use cycleways and shared pavements, i would of through as the ctc is trying to get british roads safer, they would of got there members to use to road as it should be use for,
i class my self as a ambassador, i am not scared to ride in the road, i am not scared to making my self been felt, as we are riding over 12mph normal club run speed we are classed as traffic, come on ctc get your riders using the road safely, and if riders do not feel safe riding on public roads, think it time the ctc started safety training to make your riders feel safer,

riding with the local group, i some times think oh my god, to the way they ride, the slow groups going on and off pavements and footpaths, crosssing roads at dangerous points, cycling across crossing before the lights have turned, to the faster groups riding in the gutter, and not using lights to warm other road users,
we need to clean up our game, it to easy to point your fingers and shout at motorist, but we need to clean up your game before we start ranting on about others,

think this is a good time to act, as the bbc are showing war on britian roads that dose not make good viewing shows cycling in poor light,
by 94inchandy
18 Feb 2012, 5:25pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: trendy bike shops
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trendy bike shops

i do like a old fashion bike shop, you know the type, the type that will sales you a bolt, not try to sell you bike to replace that bolt,
i now am against all new trendy bike shops, there may have hip colours on the walls, funky logos on everything, matching t-shirts, trendy website,
i have just asked for a price on a selle italia flite saddle gel flow, from stan`s cycles it £15 more than parker international, and parker international is not the cheapest,
stan`s cycles has a larger floor space than parkers, they are making big claims to be the best cycle shop in shropshire,
please do not be taken in by all the fancy stuff, use your mind, have a good clue to the prices before entering,
by 94inchandy
14 Jan 2012, 8:47pm
Forum: Cycling Goods & Services - Your Reviews
Topic: Smart R2 Lunar rear light.
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Re: Smart R2 Lunar rear light.

yes all my bikes have smart lights no them, 35 on the front, and superflash on the rear, just got a r2 woow it bright
by 94inchandy
14 Jan 2012, 8:41pm
Forum: Cycling Goods & Services - Your Reviews
Topic: halfords
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Re: halfords

halfords had that contract to sell boardman bikes, this gose down to the fact the halfords has signed a deal with the uk based pro racing team, halfords are the main backer is this team, and as a part of this contract they had the rights to sell boardman`s, as part of this deal, halfords had to rise there standards on the selling and repair side of the business,
by 94inchandy
14 Jan 2012, 8:30pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Carradice's Super C panniers
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Re: Carradice's Super C panniers

i never had panniers, but i use lots of carradice stuff, if you got a problem with carradice, email carradice, they are a very friendly company, and if it a problem they will try to get it sorted, i had a problem with the prima saddle bag, one email later they exchanged the bag for free,
they pride them self on the fact that there company is 100% cyclist friendly, that make some of the best cycling stuff,
94inchandy off
by 94inchandy
14 Jan 2012, 8:13pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Why don't I use Wiggle?
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Re: Why don't I use Wiggle?

i will never use wiggle after the way i was treated, i was after a training frame, i go by the top tube, so i asked for the ver top tube,
i have problems will using the phone as i am autistic, and i sent a email to them, they do not do business this way,
i will alway deal with as they will answer my emails and give my the info i need,

i am not one of these so called cyclist, i cover 12-14k miles a year,
hope this helps you,
by 94inchandy
19 Mar 2011, 6:50pm
Forum: Health and fitness
Topic: Cannulated Screw hip repair
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Re: Cannulated Screw hip repair

i broke my femur in 6 places, i had a IM nail, i was back on the bike in 3 days (turdo) it took a good 6 month to get the power back. get a sports physio via the NHS, if poss have the steelwork taken out, ok it a little painful, this means if you do come off it only broken bones not bent steel
by 94inchandy
19 Mar 2011, 6:30pm
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Cassette Hub - faulty after 9 months??
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Re: Cassette Hub - faulty after 9 months??

your lucky to get 9 months from a freehub, i am getting 6 month out of a good quality shimano freehub, but the mileages i do is very high it around 14k miles p/a