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by AndrewClark
27 Jun 2015, 10:43am
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: CTC Poly Bike Bag and Easyjet Questions
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Re: CTC Poly Bike Bag and Easyjet Questions

I flew home from Nice to Liverpool yesterday. I've done this 3 times before using the CTC poly bag with no problems. This time an Easyjet rep came up to me in the check in queue and told me that I wouldn't be allowed to check my bike in as it was (padded with a cheap foam mat & CTC bag) and woul...
by AndrewClark
26 Mar 2015, 7:32pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Trangia in USA
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Re: Trangia in USA

I used my Trangia for Seattle to San Francisco & for Arizona & Utah. Denatured alcohol is available from places such as Home Depot (same as B&Q) in large towns. Heet (methanol) is widely available from garages. I used mainly Heet on my tours with no ill effects. More info here http://adv...
by AndrewClark
23 Mar 2015, 10:11pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: maps for the west of USA
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Re: maps for the west of USA

When I did my last trip to the USA (Nevada, Arizona & Utah) I bought Delorme / Rand McNally road atlases & just cut the sheets I wanted for my trip out with a Stanley knife. This was OK for a road based trip, if you intend to go off road you'd probably need to get stuff locally. http://www.a...
by AndrewClark
1 May 2014, 10:39pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Recommended Las vegas hotel/motel/accom??
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Re: Recommended Las vegas hotel/motel/accom??

As Galloper said. Motel 6 on Tropicana was cheap & convenient. There is a small store & a adjacent diner. I used it as the start & end point of a trip to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Arches & Zion. They kept my bike bag for me as well :-) I hated Vegas ! Just not my sort of pla...
by AndrewClark
4 Dec 2012, 10:23pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Cycle mag cover
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Re: Cycle mag cover

Is she a real cyclist. Page 4 of the link above shows her mending a puncture with the bike upside down. :lol: (See other post - ) I think she's being PC ......proper cyclist Cara is most definitely a real cyclist, and a very nice one as well. I ...
by AndrewClark
22 Aug 2012, 6:35pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Rudy Project - spare parts ?
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Re: Rudy Project - spare parts ?

My Rydons were bought in 2009 , and until this happened have been entirely trouble free. Tim Wood at Echelon Cycles has been in touch and is seeing if he can source the part for me. Update - Both Echelon & RX Bikes came back to me, thanks for that gents. Rob Masters at Yellow emailed me earlier ...
by AndrewClark
20 Aug 2012, 6:58pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Rudy Project - spare parts ?
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Rudy Project - spare parts ?

Has anyone had any luck getting hold of spares for Rudy Project kit ?

I've lost the _tiny_ nut that holds one arm of my Rydons in place.

I've emailed the UK distributor and also the manufacturer, quoting the part number. Neither of them have replied >:(
by AndrewClark
16 Jul 2012, 9:54pm
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Topic: Western Isles & West Coast Cycle Tour 2012 - incl St Kilda
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Re: Western Isles & West Coast Cycle Tour 2012 - incl St Kil

Beautiful! I was up there in May and it was gorgeous as well.
by AndrewClark
4 Jul 2012, 7:36pm
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Topic: Bike Bags - Virgin Airlines - Las Vegas McCarran Airport
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Bike Bags - Virgin Airlines - Las Vegas McCarran Airport

I'll be arriving at Las Vegas for the start of a circular tour in October. I'm hoping I'll be able to bring my bike in a CTC plastic bike bag as shown here I've used similar bags for European flights many times, with only ...
by AndrewClark
28 Aug 2011, 12:12pm
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Topic: Cycle camping in the Low Countries - September
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Cycle camping in the Low Countries - September

I've got the last 2 weeks in September booked as leave and have tickets for the Dover - Dunkerque ferry. Rough idea is to cross into Belgium and then do a circular tour, possible crossing into Holland or even Germany. I usually average 50ish miles per day. How are Belgium & Holland for camping ?...
by AndrewClark
30 Jun 2011, 11:44pm
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Topic: Bruges to Amsterdam/Amsterdam to Bruges
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Re: Bruges to Amsterdam/Amsterdam to Bruges

I've visited Holland several times and Brugge twice, usually travelling by train and staying in hostels. I did hire a bike and ride along the canal to Sluis and the coast once.

What's camping like over there ? Is there a network of small sites similar to the French Camping Municipal ?
by AndrewClark
6 Dec 2010, 5:49pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: telescopic fishing rods
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Re: telescopic fishing rods

I saw this review on another site, it may be of interest. ... -gear.html
by AndrewClark
19 Mar 2010, 10:44pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
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I've flown many times using the big poly bag method. A few times I've had to argue that it is a proper bike bag. Take a printout of the page from the bikeshop showing it in use, or even better one from the airline, if you can find one. An Arno strap is useful for sealing the end of the bag. Pipe lag...
by AndrewClark
12 Jan 2010, 10:23pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Cycle to SA world cup-solo female
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Re: Cycle to SA world cup-solo female

It sounds like a wonderful trip but I'm too much of a coward to quit my job & kiss the pension goodbye :oops: If you haven't already read it take a look at Al Humphries "Moods of Future Joys" detailing his ride to South Africa and onwards. Ted Simon's books (motorcycling) are also wort...
by AndrewClark
3 Jul 2009, 10:15pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Touring for a beginner(In Iran).
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Re: Touring for a beginner(In Iran).

It's a turbulent part of the world, read as much recent history as you can before you go. It's good to know how to fix your bike. Either find a local maintenance course, or buy a decent book and work through it, systematically stripping & rebuilding you bike before you go. Look for info at Crazy...