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by aegelstane
1 Nov 2020, 10:33am
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: Help & advice on folding e-bikes including the Ezego EZE Fold please
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Re: Help & advice on folding e-bikes including the Ezego EZE Fold please

Which, Sept/20, recommended the Decathlon B'Twin Tilt as; "Worth a look although stocks are currently limited. At £750, while it's on a different planet to the Brompton H2L in terms of overall quality, it will still make you grin when the motor whirs into action and it's less than 1/3rd of the price"!
by aegelstane
17 Sep 2020, 1:16am
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: 20” wheeled e bike
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Re: 20” wheeled e bike ... iousPage=l Hope the link works!
The Dutch have the answer to all things cycling. The onderwater type tandem comes in various sizes & is steered from the rear.Some versions have a proper seat and safety belt for the "passenger" who can freewheel independently.No doubt there are electric versions.On our annual visits to Holland I hire from a local VVV tourist office a Van Raam electric trike. My partner sits,in her own wheelchair between the two front wheels. The beast has car type steering. hydraulic brakes and a back pedal reversing sensor.The twin batteries are good for around 60 miles mainly on low assist - which is necessary for a wimp like myself These machines and various types of tandem can be borrowed fee of charge by day visitors to the Hoge Veluwe country park north of Arnhem. This is of course in addition to the hundreds of bog standard white bikes for "normal" folks Happy Days!
by aegelstane
19 May 2020, 1:03am
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Non-cycling books
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Re: Non-cycling books

May I recommend; The Last Grain Race by Eric Newby ... prevpage=2 A gripping account of 18 year old Newby's 1939 voyage to Australia and back as an apprentice on board Mushulu. The ship, a steel four masted barque built in Port Glasgow in 1904 was according to Wikipedia the 29th largest sailing ship ever built and, at 3000+ tons three time the size of Cutty Sark. The book wasn't written until 1956 but continued to be published by various organisations until 2014. Hope that the link to Abebooks works - treat yourselves!
by aegelstane
26 Apr 2020, 2:51am
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Did you get a letter from the PM ( govt ) re Covid-19?
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Re: Did you get a letter from the PM ( govt ) re Covid-19?

It was delivered in an unaddressed envelope marked; "This is a vital update from the Government about Coronavirus". Presumably some posties particularly in rural areas and, knowing the contents couldn't be buttocked to deliver all of their allocation. Suggest,for starters, someone checks the ditch that the blond buffoon threatened to throw himself into! Total amount "spaffed" £5.7m.
by aegelstane
24 Apr 2020, 3:01am
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: What should the UK govt do about Branson & Virgin Atlantic?
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Re: What should the UK govt do about Branson & Virgin Atlantic?

Private Eye 20th March - 2nd April; NUMBER CRUNCHING;
£7.5bn Government bailout demanded by Branson's Virgin Atlantic to help deal with effects of corona virus.
£2bn Gov bailout given to Branson's Virgin Rail when it walked away from East Coast Mainline contract five years early
£2.2mn Money taken from NHS and other public budgets by Branson's Virgin Care when it demanded compensation for not being given an NHS contract!
£2.2mn Amount paid by a consortium led by Virgin Atlantic in January to buy Flybe which collapsed in March.
I also recall that Private Eye some years ago, in the "Dr B Ching" column disclosed that Virgin Trains had to pay "Beardie" an annual sum [sorry can't remember the amount] for the use of his wretched logo on their carriages etc. Wonder how many of the passengers knew of this! Is it still the same with his airlines?
I can recommend Private Eye but one has to try not to get too depressed when reading of the many ways the plebs are shafted by government - ie £5.7mn - the cost of sending us all a letter from the buffoon who can occasionally be found at 10,Downing St. and who took his eye off the ball for three vital weeks at the start of the virus emergency then has the nerve to tell us what we already knew!
by aegelstane
13 Mar 2020, 3:46am
Forum: On the road
Topic: Pothole Perdition...
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Re: Pothole Perdition...

Private Eye 21st February; "Shropshire Council which spent £80,000 resurfacing a lane leading to a Tory councillor's house while other roads remain pitted with potholes [Eye 1509] has found a brilliant cost-effective solution. It's paying a "pothole consultant" £1,000 a day to,er,look into the problem."
[The resurfaced lane wasn't even on the council's hit list!] On March 5th the local press informed the plebs that the county's highways maintenance contractor, Keir, would have it's work "monitored closely" The next council meeting would also discuss the annual report on their engineering consultant - WSP. "The press and public will be dismissed before this discussion." I think it's something in the water supply at Shirehall! Aegelstane
by aegelstane
14 Feb 2020, 3:18am
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Anyone painted their bikes?
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Re: Anyone painted their bikes?

Still have my first handmade frame [by Egar Allen, Ripley Derbys, c1954] hanging in the shed with it's last respray [1970ish] using a glorified jam jar with a plastic handle and a pipe which connected to the wrong end of a cylindrical vacuum cleaner.Thinned cellulose paint of course- must have a look to see whether the "apparatus" is also somewhere in there!
by aegelstane
1 Dec 2019, 3:05am
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: Orbea Gain tyre problem
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Re: Orbea Gain tyre problem

stodd wrote:
Cyril Haearn wrote:One could take refuge in a telephone box :wink:

Difficult to fix a tyre in a telephone box. (I imagine, I've never tried)

Straitened a buckled front wheel by using a phone box door as a sort of vice - a team effort by a group of Heanor Clarion members on a Whit bank holiday weekend bash, near Appletreewick Wharfedale 1955
by aegelstane
20 Nov 2019, 2:06am
Forum: Lands End to John O'Groats
Topic: Penny Farthing record
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Re: Penny Farthing record

The Road Records Assn was formed in 1888 and the first LEJOG entry reads;1891 G P Mills 4 Days 11 Hours 17 Min Presumably riding a "safety" machine
In 1894 he reduced this to 3.05.49 and would have been awarded the Anfield Bicycle Club Shield presented perpetually 1894. In 1895, with T A Edge, Mills set up the first tandem record *3.04.46 All of these rides were PACED as was presumably Mill's penny farthing one The first unpaced solo record was set up by C J Mather 1903 5.05.12 Mill's 1894 time wasn't beaten, unpaced, until 1908 - G A Olley 3.05.20
* Of interest; the next tandem entry after this one is; 1938 Innes and Thompson 2.14.48 - unpaced of course!
by aegelstane
31 May 2017, 3:13am
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Puncture proof your tyres - is this is a good idea?
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Re: Puncture proof your tyres - is this is a good idea?

Surely it's time to reinvent [a more lively version] of the "solid" tyres which were on sale a few years ago. :D
by aegelstane
16 Mar 2017, 3:43pm
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Sprockets bigger than 22 teeth for Sturmey Archer AW?
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Re: Sprockets bigger than 22 teeth for Sturmey Archer AW?

SA splined sprocket hub gears were introduced in the late 50s [?] Up to then they were screw on with the same threading as a normal hub. The standard practice re the wide ration three was to fit a threaded driver from the earlier epoch thus allowing much bigger cog to be used
by aegelstane
22 Mar 2016, 12:16pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: E bikes - do you secretly want one?
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Re: E bikes - do you secretly want one?

I remarked to my partner recently that Dutch pensioners can be seen having a daily trundle on e-bikes. Here folks of a similar age seem to spend most of their time mooching around garden centres!
by aegelstane
5 Jan 2013, 9:10pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: A childs bike with hub gears ?
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Re: A childs bike with hub gears ?

Check out the Dutch website; This is a far more user friendly version of ebay. There are literally thousands of bikes of all types on there - the range will astound you and most of the stuff is good quality -the Dutch know their bikes. For example; a quick inspection shows a very nice 24" wheeled 3speed Batavus in the "Boys Bikes" section. The dealer concerned may be willing to ship to you. In view of the sheer volume of stuff for sale at any one time prices are very reasonable - you might even think it worth while popping over to collect a purchase. The sellers will usually speak good English in response to an email/telephone enquiry you can usually find their EXACT location from a map link.
I'm lucky. A Dutch friend will, on his next visit deliver a "Good as New" Gazelle folder which I have bought for the princely sum of Eu85 from a seller who lives in the next town to him. Thankyou Marktplaats!
by aegelstane
6 Aug 2012, 9:58pm
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Shimano Alfine 11 - Longer term reliability
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Re: Shimano Alfine 11 - Longer term reliability

Finally! Someone has given me a bike with a Shimano 3 and the plastic shield on the twist grip changer is broken. Can I replace with an SA trigger changer - have loads of them in my spares dept!