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by pwa
14 Jun 2021, 5:13am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: ….Most effective body position for tailwind
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Re: ….Most effective body position for tailwind

Nessie23 wrote: 13 Jun 2021, 8:51pm Was out on Friday, lovely day but deceptively strong blustery wind. When I have a strong tailwind I am never sure of the most effective riding position to adopt. Should I sit up, making a large ‘sail’ area but but also creating a larger frontal air resistance surface? Or should I tuck down into a more aero position to best exploit a tailwind?
After a bit of experimentation I concluded that sitting up provides an opportunity for extra recovery time, but if I want to maximise speed then I should go aero. Interested to learn what forum members think/do in such circumstances.
The occasions where being efficient has been most important to me have been on long Audax rides, where progress is against the clock but I had to make sure I kept my body in good order for the entire ride. I used strong tail wind situations as an opportunity to relax and recover, sitting up and avoiding too much effort. If the tail wind is at, say, 20mph and you are moving at 20mph in the same direction you will experience zero wind resistance, meaning that sitting up costs you nothing but also gains you nothing, except that it eases any discomfort. If you are moving slower than the wind. you will get more of a push by sitting up. If you are moving faster than the wind you will still go faster by tucking, but at a comfort cost.
by pwa
13 Jun 2021, 5:04am
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Are Hilleberg tent warranties transferable
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Re: Are Hilleberg tent warranties transferable

I have a Nallo (nominally 4 person version) that is now quite old and has seen a good bit of use, and apart from a very minor tear near a zip caused by me being careless with the zip the tent is as good as it was on day 1. The likelihood of needing to resort to any warranty is negligible.
by pwa
12 Jun 2021, 7:12am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: ... who made this bike, and why?
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Re: ... who made this bike, and why?

Stick some guards and a rack on it, and a more suitable saddle ( that one looks like it might be a narrow one better suited to a race position) and that bike could be a decent commuter. Does the recipient still commute by bike?
by pwa
12 Jun 2021, 6:41am
Forum: On the road
Topic: and what YOU have done to improve your favorite path ???
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Re: and what YOU have done to improve your favorite path ???

forbas wrote: 11 Jun 2021, 1:18pm I am not sure why (must be something to do with Councill's budget and covid spending) but recently all the paths around Northolt and Uxbridge have almost been taken back by nature.

I have my favorite path but recently it became so outgrown by plants that in some parts became dangerous as the traffic passing by is so close that one mistake when you try to avoid branches could cost you a lot more than few scratches.

I bought special garden scissors and decided to clear them up for my own and other fellow cyclist's benefit.

Good work.
by pwa
12 Jun 2021, 6:38am
Forum: On the road
Topic: Tractor reverse ramming
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Re: Tractor reverse ramming - almost killed

Debs wrote: 10 Jun 2021, 3:02pm On a ride yesterday, my usual rural country lane course, a nominated national cycling route.

Cycling slight-downhill gradient around 20mph, suddenly a tractor + trailer pulled out of a field though a gate without giving way, far too close for comfort.

I needed to brake very heavily over bumpy tarmac ground to avoid impact with trailer.
This brought me too close to the rear of trailer, so i slowly freewheeled to gain more space behind.
The tractor + trailer kicked up a huge amount of dry soil dust like a brown cloud, as it sped up to 15mph or so.

I lingered feathering the brakes & freewheeling within 5 meters or so behind over a short distance but tractor driver quickly slowed down for bend in road. No brake lights or number plates on trailer. Then he very suddenly broke hard to an abrupt stop and immediately proceeded to reverse ram me - by then within 2 meters behind trailer.

Had no time at all to get out of the way, the trailer quickly came back and shunted against my front wheel pushing me back a few inches, knocked me off balance but didn't fall over... for a second or two believed i was going under the trailer, but it came to a stop in the nick of time.
I was busy screaming very loudly at this point but don't think the tractor driver could hear me over the noise of his engine.

I quickly dismounted bike to climb up on grass verge, the earth kerb was 18" high so this took a few seconds, as soon as i got up on the verge the tailer was reversing again and shoved the rear wheel of my bike as i got off the road.

Standing on the verge looking at the driver in the cab, a 40 something man who looked completely oblivious to the accident he could have caused on the road.
There was another tractor + trailer oncoming which he was backing-up to make room for a pass, all his attention would seem to be on the oncoming tractor.

Don't think the driver even knew i was there at all - until i remounted by bike in front of his tractor [ as we glared at each-other ] and rode away.
He followed me for 200 meters before turning off into a side road.
Glad you weren't injured or worse.

You were clearly the victim of another person's mistake. The driver should have emerged from the field entrance with more care. I have a tiny bit more understanding for the subsequent reversing, because I have driven a minibus with a long trailer behind it and sometimes you can't see as much as you would like to. But even there, part of the answer to that is to reverse very slowly so that if anyone or anything has moved into your blind spot behind the trailer, at least you allow them time to see what you are doing and get out of the way.

I could go on to suggest things we could all do as cyclists to defend ourselves against this sort of thing, but that might be interpreted as placing the blame on you, and I definitely do not want to do that. As far as I know you may have been employing defensive cycling measures as much as I do. I'm glad you posted because it reminds me to keep alert and expect the unexpected, even on the quietest lanes.
by pwa
11 Jun 2021, 7:41am
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Who's had the vaccine?
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Re: Who's had the vaccine?

[quoted text removed by moderator]

Unless you never leave your home, never have a visitor, never touch the handles or doors and shopping trolleys, you can catch it and you can pass it on, and you can act as a reservoir for the virus. You will be less of a danger to the people around you if you get vaccinated.

I was talking, at a distance, to a young man a few weeks ago, who due to illness has very low immunity to infection and would be very much at risk if he caught Covid. He has been advised that the vaccines may not work for him. They may not raise the antibodies in his system sufficiently. His only hope of ever being able to get back to any sort of freedom is those of us who can make use of the vaccines doing so, so that his risk when he leaves his home is reduced.
by pwa
10 Jun 2021, 4:52am
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: The Lon Las Trail south to north
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Re: The Lon Las Trail south to north

rotavator wrote: 9 Jun 2021, 6:07pm FWIW last Saturday I had no problem booking a campsite in Dolgellau for a few days in July, however I think it would be a good idea to get booking ASAP because I expect all types of accomodation to be in short supply this summer.
Get booking asap.
by pwa
10 Jun 2021, 4:48am
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Clicking noise when pedalling - run out of ideas
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Re: Clicking noise when pedalling - run out of ideas

I had a click that came with the pedal stroke and it turned out to be the seat post needing one extra turn of the bolt to secure it a bit more tightly. I played around with the pedals and bb before finding the culprit.
by pwa
8 Jun 2021, 6:36am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Checking for wear on SPD MTB cleats
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Re: Checking for wear on SPD MTB cleats

They can rattle a bit when the pedal surfaces wear down where the shoes rub, in which case it is the pedal and not the cleat that is the issue.
by pwa
7 Jun 2021, 5:30am
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Closed Roads
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Re: Closed Roads

fastpedaller wrote: 6 Jun 2021, 9:55pm Here in Norfolk they seem to sign a road closed with a detour route which is aimed at HGV's, with no alternative info for smaller vehicles - there was a classic one a few years ago which diverted to a small market town 17 miles from Norwich and 17 miles back again because less than 1 mile of road was being worked on. There were several (indeed 10x several) detours which would have been a lot shorter, including at least 2 which would have worked for HGV (indeed, sending them anti-clockwise around the outer ring road would have saved at least 25 miles! Why the big diversion.... who knows? We experienced a 'road closed ahead' whilst out in the car one day, and I said to my Wife "I know plenty of small lanes we can get through, so we'll try it", and despite the 3 signs repeating 'road ahead closed' we got to the next market town 8 miles away until we saw the actual closure, which was easily bypassed within the town. A mystery, and one can only think the people placing the signs take some delight in sniggering at the inconvenience they have caused.
I did get caught out a couple of years ago (on the bike) when I 'pressed on regardless' to find a 7 ft high barrier with one end against a house, and the other against a tree with so many nettles etc the other side of the tree making it impossible to pass :lol:
Part of the explanation may be that the official diversion must be expected to take all vehicles, and a high proportion of the traffic, so no low bridges and no villages that can't cope. I recently got round a closed road section myself (driving) using my own alternative in preference to the official diversion, but my route involved a couple of residential streets and sending all the traffic that way would have been intolerable for local people.
by pwa
6 Jun 2021, 5:12am
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Which of these bikes is best for long-distance touring?
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Re: Which of these bikes is best for long-distance touring?

A touring bike can be a great general purpose bike, so there is no reason why a bike bought to carry four panniers need rest unused in the garage when not touring. My own (Spa Titanium Tourer frame / steel forks, built up with my own choice of components) is now my only bike and it is ideal for one or two hour leisure rides mainly on country lanes with variable surface quality. If I still commuted by bike I would be doing it on something similar. I used to have a lighter audax bike for slightly faster riding but I found I preferred the tourer's relaxed and surefooted ride, and it goes fast enough.
by pwa
5 Jun 2021, 6:43am
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Woke
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Re: Woke

I wondered what woke meant. Now I know.

I thought the use of a black woman to portray Ann Boleyn was curious (as AB was white) but then I reasoned that the piece is a drama and in drama you can play with facts to create effects. For me the sight of a beautiful black face (in the trailer) made me think about Ann Boleyn again, about her situation, her predicament. And we all know Ann Boleyn was white, so nobody is being conned. I didn't watch it, but the actress got good reviews so perhaps she was just the best person for the job. In the end I decided that a black person playing a white person from history is okay, so long as folk don't get too confused about racial separation in those times.
by pwa
5 Jun 2021, 6:09am
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Which of these bikes is best for long-distance touring?
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Re: Which of these bikes is best for long-distance touring?

jimlews wrote: 4 Jun 2021, 9:00pm Quote 531colin
2) the huge majority of cyclists today "know" that cantilever brakes are "crap". Its not that they should learn how to set them up, they are "crap" and thats the end of it.

So, pray tell us all how Thorn get round this?
I have always found I have to suspend any sort of analytical thought in order to read the luminous Thorn website, but perhaps the laws of physics really are suspended in blessed Bridgewater?

In what way specifically are cantilever brakes ' "crap" '. I have them on several touring cycles and find them to be more than adequate under all circumstances. Quite as good as full sized V brakes, in fact. I have been using them for approximately 35 years and have never had cause to worry about their efficacy.

I also have a couple of cycles with full sized V brakes. They are good brakes, but not noticeably superior to cantilevers.
Where cantilevers are indubitably better than V brakes is in the amount of material in the brake shoes which generally have a great deal more 'meat' on them than those specific to V brakes. So if I had to put a figure on it, I would say that canti brake blocks last about three times longer than Vs. and the latter are more expensive.

I do however agree about the luminous....
Colin doesn't think cantis are "crap", he is just saying that most cyclists "know" they are. Note the quotation marks. Colin has talked about how to set them up properly before.
by pwa
4 Jun 2021, 5:35am
Forum: On the road
Topic: Lemmings in cars on Bank holidays
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Re: Lemmings in cars on Bank holidays

Oldjohnw wrote: 2 Jun 2021, 6:38am I never go anywhere on a bank holiday but I do recognise that this is also half term.
My thoughts too. I stay close to home to avoid the crowding, but families seize the opportunity to get away with the kids.
by pwa
3 Jun 2021, 6:13pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Who's had the vaccine?
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Re: Who's had the vaccine?

Here in Wales people in their early twenties are having their first jab now. I'm 60 and had my second today.