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by Pedaldog
9 Jan 2012, 5:44pm
Forum: Cycling UK Member Groups and Affiliates
Topic: Cycle camping group
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Re: Cycle camping group

I set up a small forum based mainly on Cycle Camping a few years ago when a forum I used was closed. It's not busy but I would be happy for people to take a look and help it find a good direction. Anybody that registers might have a few hours w...
by Pedaldog
5 Oct 2009, 9:54pm
Forum: Cycling UK Member Groups and Affiliates
Topic: CTC Membership Services
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Re: CTC Membership Services

I've been a CTC member since 1998 when I started to get interested in cycling again after a lay off of many a year! I Joined for the Mag', the Insurance and the feeling of being part of something that was personal for all it's size. First two years were fine with renewals etc but then, every year si...
by Pedaldog
11 Nov 2008, 9:45am
Forum: Non-standard, Human Powered Vehicles
Topic: Simple forum for Folding bike (and Trike) users!
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Simple forum for Folding bike (and Trike) users!
Worth a quick nose to see if you could make it better with your presence?
by Pedaldog
1 Oct 2008, 10:57am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Q: Who to use to post a bike?
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I've sent a few bikes, and trikes, TO that area in the past using a local parcel company. I might suggest asking Kevin at D-tek in Ely. He'll tell you the best people in your area.
Call him on 01353 648177.
by Pedaldog
15 May 2008, 9:04pm
Forum: Cycling UK Member Groups and Affiliates
Topic: Recumbent Trikers
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Pop this back oop top like! I would be interested in such a group. Happy to take on any sort of role that doesn't involve money (Legal problems doing that) and have use of a recumbent trike in Lancaster area. Would be very interested to know others ideas about transporting said beasts to the startin...
by Pedaldog
10 Feb 2008, 11:10am
Forum: Campaigning & Public Policy
Topic: Cars on footpaths/pavements etc!
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Cars on footpaths/pavements etc!

It is one of my real pet hates. I know many of us drive as well as cycle but this is one anti-car petition that I am proud to give my support to!
Please take a look and see how you feel.
by Pedaldog
28 Oct 2007, 9:12pm
Forum: On the road
Topic: Love my recumbent trike!
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Wotchagot then? :?: