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by PT1029
14 Mar 2018, 7:29am
Forum: Campaigning & Public Policy
Topic: Fine Idiot Drivers
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Re: Fine Idiot Drivers

... and what % of a cycle path is paid for by " motorist tax paid for bike path" when some of it is paid for by VAT/tabacco & alcohol duty etc etc. I don't think he though the details through at all. (Well officer, I didn't use this bit of cycle track as it is an alcohol duty paid for ...
by PT1029
2 Mar 2018, 8:30am
Forum: Wanted
Topic: Silver 38t 130 ring.
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Re: Silver 38t 130 ring. and 27mm alloy seat post

I have a 27.0 new micro adjust seat post. New/unused (wrong diameter for me). 27.0 X 400mm (so rather long), alloy clamp/cradle parts/single steel bolt, round not aero, ETC branded (distributors own brand, sort of Kalloy style). I would say ordinary modern seat post, not overly retro if that was a r...
by PT1029
27 Feb 2018, 8:33am
Forum: Health and fitness
Topic: Broken Wrist !
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Re: Broken Wrist !

I had a wrist fracture, slow speed fall off my bike - the bone was in line (just a crack) and no operation needed, just a plaster. I was on the bike after 6 - 7 weeks, when the plaster came off, the wrist ached a bit at first. I was told if I cycled (I asked) with the plasted on and fell off, I'd pr...
by PT1029
27 Feb 2018, 7:29am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Wind speed & direction
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Re: Wind speed & direction

Met office works for me (I work outside so always check), especially useful is the "feels like temperature" - allows for wind chill, also the precipitation probability (you get to learn 10% = likely bit of drizzle). I hope the XCWeather data is more accurate than the advert (Gary Linaker j...
by PT1029
18 Feb 2018, 9:56pm
Forum: Helmets sub-forum
Topic: Helmets with built in lights
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Re: Helmets with built in lights

I've seen various helmets with lights in. One I saw did have a red triangle of lights in, and it certainly could be mis leading.... ... the helmet I saw was being worn while standing (not on a bike). The wearer was having a conversation, thus every time he nodded his head in the conversation, the re...
by PT1029
28 Jan 2018, 8:37am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Awful braking ability after expensive bicycle fitting
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Re: Awful braking ability after expensive bicycle fitting

How do you brake from the hoods (ie using the red position in the OP photo for braking)? If you try with fingers only while on the hoods, you'll probably get poor braking. I do most of my braking from the hoods, but I do the braking not by curling my fingers (as per when on the drops), but by pivoti...
by PT1029
16 Jan 2018, 8:46pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: chaincase 50T > 52T
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Re: chaincase 50T > 52T

+1 for Brucey's good front mudflap. Something that just misses the ground, with a bit of flex (too flexy, it just blows back in the breeze as you ride along, too stiff and the water splatters out sideways conveniently for each foot). In my experience, lorry innertube rubber is good (from center of t...
by PT1029
15 Jan 2018, 7:49pm
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: the forum's oldest bike part still in use
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Re: the forum's oldest bike part still in use

Not mine, but when I worked in our LBS 20 years ago, and American customer has a restored 1908 something or other. After he returned to the US, he phoned up about getting a 28 X 1 1/2" rear wheel as the original got bent, and he could no longer do his morning commute into Phildelphia that he ha...
by PT1029
7 Jan 2018, 8:41am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Ever lost your brakes !
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Re: Ever lost your brakes !

I have never lost my brakes. Once we were on the top of the Long Mynd, approaching the steep descent into one of the villages at the bottom. As we approached the start of the descent, we ummed and ahhed about whether to stop or not to admire the view before descending. We (narrowly) decided to stop ...
by PT1029
2 Jan 2018, 8:26pm
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: lugless 531 frame
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Re: lugless 531 frame

An argument for lugless is stronger. Sudden changes in wall thickness can act as a stress raiser, so weakening the tube and/or reducing its fatigue life. Lugs are a sudden change in wall thickness, so could be said to be weaker than fillet brazed lugless which has a smooth change in thickness. The b...
by PT1029
2 Jan 2018, 8:17pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Dealing with verbal abuse
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Re: Dealing with verbal abuse

Work out where the shared use signs are (pedestrian + bicycle on a blue circle). If you see them ahead, slow down/speed up (but slow again on approach) so your interaction happens where you can point to the sign, saying its legal. If that doesn't work, you know they won't change their view...... If ...
by PT1029
11 Dec 2017, 7:15am
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: The ultimate in saddle layback...
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Re: The ultimate in saddle layback...

I thought I saw a bike like that in a Picasso catalogue once :shock:
by PT1029
5 Dec 2017, 8:25pm
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Compressionless brake outer
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Re: Compressionless brake outer

I don't have numbers. But a XT lever + rear BB7 disc brake on the back of my tandem was spongy enough it either rubbed or was too slack (disc was new/straight, and cable was exposed runs along the frame tubes). I replaced the spiral outer with linear brake outer (Jagwire) and the problem was solved,...
by PT1029
7 Nov 2017, 7:25am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Dutch Bike?
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Re: Dutch Bike?

I think this one :- as it actually has bicycles! Dutch bikes come in all prices qualities. Cheap ones tend to go for ages but are more of a faff to adjust/repair. Gazelle is pretty much top of the pile. A tad heavy (but usually includes lights/stand/rack/lock etc etc)...
by PT1029
5 Nov 2017, 7:35am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Disc brakes on 'Rim only brake' wheels
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Re: Disc brakes on 'Rim only brake' wheels

I recall ages ago 1 rim coming out saying the center section (ie spoke holes bit) was thicker to with stand the extra stresses of disc brakes on the spokes, so there could well be something in the validity of the sticker. Alex Rims - (their site seems a bit slo...