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by essexman
20 Jul 2011, 10:56am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Weeride child seats
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Re: Weeride child seats


There are many front mounted seats on the market. Have a look at the totcycle blog for some insights, but they tend to either clamp to the top tube, like the wee-ride or the stem like the hamax. I'm assuming you dont have drop bars, else front seats dont work.

It might be possible to re-run or protect your cables and still use a front seat.
by essexman
30 Jun 2011, 1:53pm
Forum: On the road
Topic: Any non-folding bikers regularly commute by train?
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Re: Any non-folding bikers regularly commute by train?

porky wrote:I did this for a couple of years and found the whole experience rather stressful. My journey was from Birmingham New St to Canley (near Coventry).

First there's getting to and from the platform. Getting through a busy station like New St with a bike at rush hour is a challenge. Large groups of moving people adopt a herd mentality and simply try to shove obstacles out of the way. Moving against such a crowd whilst wheeling or carrying a bike can be very difficult. On some occasions the train would arrive at the station and I would be unable to get off because of the crowd of people waiting to get on. It can take some forceful negotiation to clear a path.

On the trains on this route there is one bike space (also for wheelchairs, buggies and large luggage) but it also contains folding seats, so unless you get to it first it will be unavailable. That means putting the bike in a doorway and standing with it, moving it if the train has a stop on that side. Even if you get to the bike space first you can get abuse from other passengers who want those seats, even if there are plent of other seats available.

If the train gets very busy you will get lots of people standing around your bike, leaning on it and occasionally getting chain oil on themselves.

I found that going to work an hour earlier (if that's an option for you) reduced a lot of these problems, so timing is important.

I knew a few people who had a bike at either end. It worked well but the bike at the far end does have to be old and unattractive enough not to interest the theives. Remember to add sufficient time to lock and unlock bikes, I often saw these people miss trains whilst fiddling with U-locks and cables.

People with folders had an easier time, but a folded bike is still a bulky thing to get through a station and can still be awkward to get onto a busy train as trains don't seem to have as much luggage space as they used to.

Work has now moved much nearer home, so I can cycle there with nothing more stressful than Birmingham city centre rush hour traffic to contend with. :)

Good answer. I used to do it a lot and it was fine, but always a slight degree of stress. However, when a train was delayed and the train filled up, i juts couldnt get on. It was stressful. A folder was much easier and i could always get on.
by essexman
25 Jun 2011, 8:55am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Pashley Princess Options
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Re: Pashley Princess Options

niggle wrote:
Edwards wrote:Is a skirt guard required?

Probably not necessary, her skirts are somewhat short :roll:

:) ...they are called coat guards on mens bikes in Europe. I found them useful when wearing a long coat.....
by essexman
5 Jun 2011, 7:01am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Hot feet
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Re: Hot feet

..there was an spd sandal thread that ran recently. I thibk shimano did a pair
by essexman
4 Jun 2011, 3:17pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Lower Back Pain
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Re: Lower Back Pain

i dont know how to cure it, i have the same problem, but i know how to reduce some of the symptons:

-Neurofen, before you get on the bike
-Heat patches (sticky gel patches, they work miracles, you can buy at any chemist etc
-triathlon bars- it gives your back a chance to be in a different position, and rest some of the muscles
-raising your handle bars, again chnages the muscle position

My gut feel is that my bike is too long and as i age and get weaker i suffer with it more.
by essexman
24 May 2011, 10:03am
Forum: Helmets & helmet discussion
Topic: What to say to the medics?
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Re: What to say to the medics?

Cunobelin wrote:
meic wrote:If you are unlucky enough to have a crash and some medic sees it as a chance to take advantage of your vulnerable position to push some "faith based" advice.
I would like some short easy to remember comments to politely refute their suggestions and make them think a bit about what they are saying.

I would think two sets of answers, one for accidents involving a head injury and one when it doesnt.

Possibly I could have a comment in reserve for if they fail to mention a helmet if I have a head injury off the cycle?

I would like to know on what grounds they offer this advice, is it from NICE, a health circular, the highway code or the Jeremy Vine show?

We were on a course on of all things putting evidence into practice!

We had a nurse tried this in a coffee break when she saw one of the girls had cycled in without a helmet.

She was being very forceful with the moral blackmail...

My reply was to gently ask
"What evidence are you basing your advice on?

I hope you aren't basing that on Rivara and Thompson, because the Cochrane Collaboration has trashed their paper, and of course there are the BMJ articles by Wardlaw, you have read them haven't you."

Then pointed out that the whole point of the day's course was imrpoving care by basing our clinical practice on the facts and not just trotting out the old fashioned assumptions

For some reason she went quiet and forgot all about helmets, but gave myself and the offending cyclist "looks" for the rest of the day

I always try to just gently ask the question back, to the person, "you cycled isnt that dagerous?", "No, why do you say that", etc.... I've found this non-confrontational approach has actually converted a couple of folk to cyclists as they manage to argue themselves into the fact that cycling isnt as dangerous as they thought, now they come to think about it. :)
by essexman
13 May 2011, 8:38am
Forum: Campaigning & Public Policy
Topic: We've hit the headlines!
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Re: We've hit the headlines!

Geriatrix wrote:
SilverBadge wrote:And don't forget too

Thanks for that too...

by essexman
12 May 2011, 10:00pm
Forum: Campaigning & Public Policy
Topic: We've hit the headlines!
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Re: We've hit the headlines!

Geriatrix wrote:I've had my head in the sand. Always been a fan of "The Onion" but wished there was a British version. Thanks...

thats exactly what i thought when someone showed me the 'Mash' . Happy to return the favour!
by essexman
12 May 2011, 12:16pm
Forum: Campaigning & Public Policy
Topic: We've hit the headlines!
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We've hit the headlines!

by essexman
27 Apr 2011, 12:08pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: H*lm*t alternative for accessories
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Re: H*lm*t alternative for accessories

Si wrote:Get an old helmet with an adjustable plastic 'cradle' as the head contact bit inside it. Bin off all the plastic padding/expanded poly stuff, and just use the adjustable 'cradle' and chin strap as a snug head fitting camera/light mount.

yep i agree with Si.

Alternatively, you might want to decouple the two systems eg a glasses mounted cam (theres one on bike radar) and a headband light.
by essexman
24 Apr 2011, 9:02pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Bikes on car roofs - good idea?
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Re: Bikes on car roofs - good idea?

...and thats why i have a Corsa with a pop pout bike rack. Always on but not always on
by essexman
8 Apr 2011, 3:46pm
Forum: Helmets & helmet discussion
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..can anyone be bothered to send a reply?
by essexman
1 Mar 2011, 5:42pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: From 0 today to 100 miles in June.
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Re: From 0 today to 100 miles in June.

re If anyone knows of any undisturbed cycling in Essex or Suffolk please let me know (sic for Kids)

This is a great question and one which warrants some co-ordination. I must search some of the cycling route databases , as my boy is nearly 4 and on his first (pedal) bike.

-There is the dunmow to hatfield forest route, i'm not sure how far it is, very short i think, but the final destination is great as its hatfield forest, with a cafe and some off-path cycling opportunities. In the summer i'll be doing that with my 4 year old fairly often.

by essexman
28 Feb 2011, 3:04pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Statistics on cycling risks
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Re: Statistics on cycling risks i think some of those aggregate analysis have had some breakdowns:
-eg nighttime and seasonal
-eg Junction related incidents

dunno where to find them.
by essexman
28 Feb 2011, 6:49am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Child's bike for touring?
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Re: Child's bike for touring?

is their a 'best' wheel size for a follow-me? Whats the smallest it does?