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by FatPunkOnBike
14 Mar 2015, 6:43pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Unique Cycling Tour...Riders Wanted
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Re: Unique Cycling Tour...Riders Wanted

congratulations, this has to be one of the most interesting and unique ideas i have heard! The spirit of adventure lives . . .
by FatPunkOnBike
29 May 2014, 11:28am
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Poncho
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Re: Poncho

I got a relatively lightweight one from Mean and Green for about £20 and have used it as a poncho, groundsheet and porch while camping. I can recommend it!
by FatPunkOnBike
15 May 2014, 4:30pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: First EVER Tour! (and I'm going RTW)
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Re: First EVER Tour! (and I'm going RTW)

Jamesjohnston there aren't enough swear words invented to describe how jealous i am. Good luck with your adventure, i will be a keen follower of your blog. May the wind aye be at yer back!!
by FatPunkOnBike
9 May 2014, 4:03pm
Forum: On the road
Topic: Cycle - You must be banned or poor
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Re: Cycle - You must be banned or poor

As an Ayrshire man through and through i can only assume it's a West Of Scotland thing that says you need pigeon holed in every aspect of your life! Rich/Poor, Catholic/Protestant, Rangers/Celtic etc.... This is not a dig at what is a beautiful place to live, work and cycle in as for every half wit ...
by FatPunkOnBike
7 May 2014, 10:23pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Forth and Clyde canal Cycleway
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Re: Forth and Clyde canal Cycleway

The surface is ok when dry, but the barriers can be a pain! If you are not in a hurry it should be ok. I take it you will then follow cycle route 7 until at least Ayr?
by FatPunkOnBike
17 Apr 2014, 5:49pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: one bum
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Re: one bum

Could be a decent ITV reality show, we decide what should go, bike or shoes etc... I personally until recently had 7 bikes, my wife only knew about 4 of them, she keeps out the shed because "its full of spiders". In my opinion, most people won't recognise the difference between them unless...
by FatPunkOnBike
10 Apr 2014, 9:56pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Realistic life expectancy of a bike for "life"
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Re: Realistic life expectancy of a bike for "life"

I purchased a second hand Dawes Galaxy early last summer, it was dated 1996, and I loved it. However problems with the bottom bracket mean it is done! I feckin loved it and am spending my spare time looking for a replacement. I got much more than my money's worth so can't complain but loved the retr...
by FatPunkOnBike
17 Mar 2014, 10:47pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: What did you forget?
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Re: What did you forget?

Last year my wife and I planned a mini tour and had to abandon after 10 miles due to snow and hail. We returned home and kept all our stuff packed. 2 days later the weather changed so we decided on a wee local tour. We arrived unpacked the tent and realised I had forgot the outer tent! Had the weath...
by FatPunkOnBike
14 Feb 2014, 4:45pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Garmin Maps
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Re: Garmin Maps

Can someone explain the difference? I am baffled!!
by FatPunkOnBike
14 Jan 2014, 10:45pm
Forum: On the road
Topic: first Ice- lots of crashes
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Re: first Ice- lots of crashes

Ice in South Ayrshire today also, strangely, no ice on the roads in my wee village but quite bad once I arrived in town. When though will the Police take action against drivers who only clear a small gap on the windscreen, meaning they can only ever be driving partially sighted until the rest of the...
by FatPunkOnBike
19 Nov 2013, 11:09pm
Forum: On the road
Topic: I Won't Be Stopped!
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I Won't Be Stopped!

With the tragic news from London and the first real frost of the winter, i was filled with apprehension as I set off this morning on my 10 mile commute. The cars, lorries and buses seemed closer than ever, the ice and lack of grit annoyed me even more, but I managed and loved it just a little more. ...
by FatPunkOnBike
14 Sep 2013, 9:31pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Things you've never done
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Re: Things you've never done

Been to Spain Have plenty Photo I.D Woke up too many times with no memory of the drunken night before (formative years) Been to thousands of football matches, playing, coaching and watching Never watched cricket Never understood politics/religion/hatred Not baked a cake Never heard a better sentence...
by FatPunkOnBike
12 Sep 2013, 7:21pm
Forum: On the road
Topic: Stability - Single pannier commuting with 20Kg load
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Re: Stability - Single pannier commuting with 20Kg load

I came to work today with a single loaded Ortlieb and my Galaxy was a bit tricky plus out the saddle was very strange. I would recommend a rack pack or double up on your panniers...
by FatPunkOnBike
8 Jul 2013, 10:54am
Forum: Lands End to John O'Groats
Topic: Lejoggers: why we should be grateful to them all
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Re: Lejoggers: why we should be grateful to them all

Well put, had i tried to convey that sentiment, i may well have used profanity!
by FatPunkOnBike
29 Jun 2013, 2:09am
Forum: Lands End to John O'Groats
Topic: Le(Jo)G 2 Help please
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Re: Le(Jo)G 2 Help please

The leg from Newton Stewart to Ayr will take you over what are called locally as the Ayrshire Alps! I know it is the Cycle Route 7 and the roads are very quiet but on a loaded tourer they may be a struggle! I was down that way at the start of the week and met a German couple pushing their bikes up o...