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by butcher_boy
11 Sep 2012, 12:09pm
Forum: Cycling Goods & Services - Your Reviews
Topic: Sport Pursuit website
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Re: Sport Pursuit website

So this is a site that sells stuff that you get several weeks later?

You have only joined last week, so have you actually received any goods from them?

Doesn't look like the sort of safe Internet shopping I would use.
by butcher_boy
17 Aug 2012, 2:35pm
Forum: Cycling Goods & Services - Your Reviews
Topic: Wiggle
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Re: Wiggle - Fantastic service!

I have been a regular customer with Wiggle for many years. I recently order a pair of Continental GP 4 Season road tyresaaa part of a bundle. I received a pair of Gatorskins. Clearly this was an error in what must be a massive warehouse with an almost unimaginable turnover. I completed a return for...
by butcher_boy
15 Aug 2012, 9:01am
Forum: On the road
Topic: More buying advice required...
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Re: More buying advice required...

I recently bought a Kinesis Racelight to use as my winter bike off eBay, like new £300. This has fully mudguards & bosses to take racks if you want to fit them. It's good enough to take on club runs & also happy doing a commute. New it,s a £1000 RRP but have seen cheaper. Plenty on the aucti...