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by Gearoidmuar
30 Mar 2019, 10:13am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Risks of buying old carbon frames (10-15+ years)
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Re: Risks of buying old cabron frames (10-15+ years)

My daughter trained at triathlon in Oz for a year when she lived there. There, you had to have your bike x-rayed after a crash. Club rule. Don't know if you can readily get it done in the UK.
by Gearoidmuar
28 Feb 2019, 7:32pm
Forum: Lands End to John O'Groats
Topic: LEJOG: would I enjoy it?
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For my sins, I've done it four times.

With Chris Ellison and the CTC. 2009, 2010, 2014 and 2017. This is a well-organised tour with at this stage, all hotels. It takes 16 or 17 days cycling, averaging about 64m a day and climbing 4000ft a day, average. It's hard and not for someone very overweight or unfit. It's not a race but the lengt...
by Gearoidmuar
26 Feb 2019, 7:21am
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Can you recommend all steel 700c disc brake big clearance frame?
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Re: Can you recommend all steel 700c disc brake big clearance frame?

Easier to get what you want in 26inch wheel frame. My touring bike is a Thorn Raven Tour. It has the all steel construction and great tyre clearance but it has V-brakes which work with special pads on tungsten impregnated rims. I've four bikes with hydraulic discs and they're better. Never used mech...
by Gearoidmuar
26 Feb 2019, 7:15am
Forum: Lands End to John O'Groats
Topic: Supplies along the way
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Have you considered food?

Actual food. Much easier to get. Meat, cheese, pies etc.
by Gearoidmuar
19 Feb 2019, 5:58pm
Forum: Health and fitness
Topic: Scientists say high cadence is inefficient
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Re: Scientists say high cadence is inefficient

From what I remember, Stephen Roche used to timetrial at 105 rpm. Delgado was slower in cadence, something like 95.
by Gearoidmuar
27 Jan 2019, 6:55am
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Late October 2019 Tour
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Re: Late October 2019 Tour

You've not been to Spain. Spain is magnificent.
by Gearoidmuar
26 Jan 2019, 9:55pm
Forum: Health and fitness
Topic: Keto Diet and Cycling Fitness
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Re: Keto Diet and Cycling Fitness

It's most certainly not the Cambridge diet! That was a near starvation regimen. It's low carb moderate protein, high fat. I'm on it 5y and have my weight down on it for more than 4.5y. Minus 40lb. I got used to it very quickly and have twice done Lejog on it, and had done it heavier, twice before th...
by Gearoidmuar
25 Jan 2019, 8:36am
Forum: On the road
Topic: black ice
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Re: black ice

The real problem with black ice is that's almost impossible to see. It doesn't look crystalline. It's caused when air supersaturated with water hits a really cold surface. I've come off on it twice and I've spun my car on it with no warning, but fortunately, no crash. I don't cycle anymore if it's 3...
by Gearoidmuar
5 Dec 2018, 7:41am
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Arran, Islay, Jura, Colonsay
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Re: Life is what happens...

when you're making other plans. Attributed to John Lennon. I've done 87 bike tours and in them I've been on the Isle of Skye three times. Twice I've had a wheel rim split. Both were on the Isle of Skye near Portree and I got new rims on each occasion in the same shop! You just can't legislate for ev...
by Gearoidmuar
13 Nov 2018, 8:11am
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: getting skinny 650b tyres in europe?
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Re: getting skinny 650b tyres in europe?

If you want to go small, then why not go to 26 inch wheels. More of them around. I'm 6.2" but have 26inch wheels on both my touring bikes. You can get narrowish slicks for them pumping to 100psi if you want.
by Gearoidmuar
24 Aug 2018, 7:38am
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Touring without cooking equipment?
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Re: Touring without cooking equipment?

I used to take a small stove for coffee. Jetboil was easily the best for this purpose, though I had smaller as well. In fact I started collecting stoves and must have about 12. Anyway I started drinking just water during the day. I've not camped but I've been through some pretty desolate country in ...
by Gearoidmuar
21 Aug 2018, 1:50pm
Forum: Health and fitness
Topic: Syncope and biking
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Re: Syncope and biking

If you feel faint after rising suddenly, having been cycling it is most likely to be due to loss of salt due to sweating, even though you may not have noticed that you were. Simple test. Dissolve a stock cube with about a gram of salt in it, in water and drink when cool. You'll feel a lot better ver...
by Gearoidmuar
17 Aug 2018, 6:53am
Forum: Health and fitness
Topic: Peroneal tendinopathy
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Re: Stop stretching.

If you're stretching, STOP. I had a year-long problem in area of upper tendon about 30y ago. Was active runner/cyclist at the time. I became lame. Everyone had me stretching. I'd limp after 400yd walking. EVENTUALLY I went to an expert masseur who'd worked with Pro footballers in England. I'll fix y...
by Gearoidmuar
5 Aug 2018, 7:59am
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Brittany Touring
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Re: Brittany Touring

I've cycled in Brittany at least 12 times, as I live in Cork and there's the ferry to Roscoff. Brittany isn't all beautiful but that's an advantage. There are boring bits and lots of highlights. The coast can be quite hilly. Some of back roads are well worth exploring. There's a magic about an unkno...
by Gearoidmuar
5 Aug 2018, 7:37am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Does anyone know how can I repair this tyre?
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Re: Does anyone know how can I repair this tyre?

I've used tyre boots a few times. I glue them on with puncture solution on the inside of the tyre and the boot, leaving both to dry. They don't work if the boot is on the crest of the tyre as they'll bulge a bit and then burst. This defect is too big for a boot alone, BUT there is a trick you can do...