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by northernrebel
17 Aug 2018, 1:14pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: What tours have you done? What do you want to do?
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Re: What tours have you done? What do you want to do?

We usually load the car up with the bikes, drive to somewhere in Europe we can leave it for a couple of weeks & do a loop. -Saintes, down to Bordeaux then inland and back through St Emilion, Riberac & Cognac -Munich (parked at an airport hotel), across to Chiemsee, then up the Inn Valley to ...
by northernrebel
18 Jun 2018, 4:18pm
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Topic: Please Report Any Security Check Problems When Boarding Ferries ex UK
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Re: Please Report Any Security Check Problems When Boarding Ferries ex UK

Venezia Lines Venice to Porec/Rovinj May this year- had to remove all panniers and pass them through an airport style scanning machine. Listed forbidden items included inflammable liquids and knives. Let my litre of meths & Trangia through, missed my Swiss army knife, but removed my small sharp ...
by northernrebel
12 Jun 2018, 1:40pm
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Topic: Selected photos of my 4-week tour of the Balkans and Eastern Dolomites
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Re: Selected photos of my 4-week tour of the Balkans and Eastern Dolomites

Looks fantastic, thank you for sharing those. We were on the Istrian peninsula last month - we rode down from Grigno in the mountains to catch the Venezia - Rovinj ferry before doing a loop of the southern half and taking the ferry back from Porec. We really enjoyed it so these pictures have inspire...
by northernrebel
12 Jun 2018, 1:25pm
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Topic: First time
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Re: First time

For overseas transactions we signed up to Starling Bank this year - There's a useful Android app that lets you keep track of your cash & spending and there are no European transaction fees. You get a pretty decent exchange rate too. Every time you spend/withdraw you...
by northernrebel
19 Apr 2018, 1:19pm
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Topic: Advice for a Newbie Tourer
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Re: Advice for a Newbie Tourer

We have used the partially planned option for the past 4 years. I'll sketch out a rough route, usually circular on Ride With GPS just to sense check the distance and highlight the likely elevation profile and maybe book one or two hotels along the way if we're taking a rest day in a big city. After ...
by northernrebel
17 Apr 2018, 1:41pm
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Topic: How do you carry your camera?
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Re: How do you carry your camera?

I agree that bar bag is the way to go - it's accessible when you need it and along with others I keep everything of real value (passport, wallet, phone & keys) is in there, so when I'm away from the bike I can simply take it all with me. I've also got into the habit of keeping the map in the cle...
by northernrebel
5 Mar 2018, 12:29pm
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Topic: What to do with panniers and kit when touring?
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Re: What to do with panniers and kit when touring?

If we're in a larger town/city we usually plan it so we get there early and check into a hotel so we can leave the bikes & kit there then spend the afternoon looking around. We'll maybe even have a rest day so we can spend the whole of the next day there. In smaller places we'll leave the bikes ...
by northernrebel
15 Jun 2017, 1:12pm
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Topic: Bike Security whilst camping
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Re: Bike Security whilst camping

I carry a D lock & long cable then attach the bikes to the nearest tree/fence/sign - the cable is long enough to go round a reasonable size tree if needed. Most campsites don't feel like high risk areas, so I'm happy with leaving the bikes like this. We have a cheap & cheerful bike cover fro...
by northernrebel
9 Jun 2017, 12:49pm
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Topic: Zyliss Smart Café
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Re: Zyliss Smart Café

We took one of these on our last couple of tours, handy if you're making a couple of cups and easy to clean afterwards as you just pull out the entire filter paper with the grounds still in it.
by northernrebel
5 Jun 2017, 12:15pm
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Topic: Recommended Campsites Norfolk?
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Re: Recommended Campsites Norfolk?

We stayed here a few years back on a tour round the North coast: ... revid=3727
Simple, well maintained facilities and peace and quiet away from the main holiday area
by northernrebel
23 May 2017, 1:46pm
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Topic: Packing camping gear?
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Re: Packing camping gear?

Personally I'd take some cooking kit, but I like my porridge & coffee before I can contemplate going anywhere. Away from the coast/broads we struggled to find cafes/pubs or even village shops during the day - a lot of the villages are now just commuter towns and there's not a lot there, although...
by northernrebel
12 May 2017, 4:14pm
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Topic: Looking at 1st tour
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Re: Looking at 1st tour

Our first touring toe in the water was an overnight trip from Wirksworth to Lichfield and back, staying in a pub so we didn't have to carry too much. Lots of really beautiful quiet lanes between the A517 & A50, and not really that hilly (I do commute home up Cromford Hill every day, so maybe my ...
by northernrebel
12 May 2017, 1:55pm
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Topic: Solar panels
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Re: Solar Panels on Tour?

Tried a power monkey to charge a battery over the past few years in France & Southern Germany. I found it doesn't keep up with the demands of my kit without a regular top up from a mains charge now and then. I had problems with the connector to the battery when it was bungeed to my rack & by...
by northernrebel
3 May 2017, 4:16pm
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Topic: Maps or GPS or both
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Re: Maps or GPS or both

Map as the primary option for me. Apart from the joy of owning a physical map it is so much easier to plan a coherent route with a paper map and to glance down & check you are on route. I've got a Vaude bar bag that allows a reasonable amount of map to be displayed. I use the GPS (with Freizeitk...
by northernrebel
28 Apr 2017, 12:07pm
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Topic: Tour in Norfolk
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Re: Tour in Norfolk

Hi Gattonero, added the YHA at Wells (Start) and the 2 campsites to the route as POIs. The Overstrand one is off the plotted route as this is the planning track from before the ride. The 3 day by day actual tracks are on RWGPS too, complete with detours & missed turnings!