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by BlueFox
11 May 2021, 4:09pm
Forum: For Sale - Complete bikes ONLY - state FRAME SIZE in title
Topic: For Sale 'Bikes'
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Re: For Sale 'Bikes'

Why can't you attach photos? It is much easier to understand what sort of bikes they are if you can see the photos.
by BlueFox
20 Mar 2021, 1:42pm
Forum: For Sale - Complete bikes ONLY - state FRAME SIZE in title
Topic: REDUCED Kona Cinder Cone Mountain Bike 16" Reduced now £250
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REDUCED Kona Cinder Cone Mountain Bike 16" Reduced now £250

This bike is about around 13 years old but I never did as much mountain biking as I originally planned. I just rode around locally in the forest and took the bike on a couple of holidays. It hasn't been ridden for several years so I've reluctantly decided to sell it. It is in very good condition as it has always be stored inside a shed or garage and it never did very many miles in the end - probably less than 500 miles.

If you read the reviews you will know that the Kona Cinder Cone is an iconic bike with very good specs that currently retails new for around £1149 if you can actually find it in stock anywhere.

Buyer to collect from location in NE London near North Circular and M11
by BlueFox
19 Apr 2017, 4:09pm
Forum: Cycling UK Member Groups and Affiliates
Topic: LCC Rider
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LCC Rider

This may be of interest to Londoners.

There are quite a few rides every week (mainly CTC/LCC but also other groups) for people living in and around London, some of them involving a short train journey at the start or finish of the ride.

You can subcribe to an email group that lists some of them:
by BlueFox
22 Aug 2016, 4:32pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Advice on first hybrid/road bike?
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Re: Advice on first hybrid/road bike?

Agree with the other posters who said don't buy Sports Direct tat! Sports Direct buy up the brands of famous companies what have gone bust eg Karrimor, Muddy Fox, Slazenger and use them for their own el-cheapo stuff. The SD Muddy Fox is nothing like the real Muddy Fox.

Also the SD "discounts" are not real. They put the price up and down artificially just so they can legally claim that a price is a discount

I've not used Decathalon but I've heard they have good value for money stuff.

Other alternatives:

1/ Get a decent second hand bike.

2/ Get a decent bike on sale or clearance at a real discount eg 2015 or 2014 model. You can check the prices online at other retailers so you know what the going price is and therefore what sort of discount you are actually getting. I got a nice Kona Dew half price a few years ago and I never had any trouble with it (other than routine maintence). Can definitely recommend them as a decent relatively inexpensive hybrid.

Halfords has the 2015 model £223 which isn't bad but you might be able to get it cheaper if you google around. I got mine for around £170. ... -bike-2015

Giant also have decent inexpensive bikes.