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6 Nov 2018, 7:40pm
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Topic: Eurotunnel or ferries?
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Re: Eurotunnel or ferries?

The ferry is always a breeze. Very few checks and never had an issue. Eurostar is very much like an airport with scanners, x-ray machines, and border controls. I had a battle with a Swiss Army knife they wanted to confiscate and had to wait for a more senior person to make a decision. They let me ke...
6 Nov 2018, 6:26pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Bike to Germany for Rhine Route
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Re: Bike to Germany for Rhine Route

I took a train from Hamburg to Amsterdam then another a few days later to Brussels. The German trains were great, I booked in advance and had a reserved bike space but in reality, it was a struggle as people just got on and put their bike in anyone's space. Eurostar lost my bike and I was stranded i...
6 Nov 2018, 6:14pm
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Topic: Sweden
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Re: Sweden

Lots of conflicting information regarding trains.
I cycled from Umea to Gothenburg this year and took a ferry to Germany.
Between Umea and Stockholm no train would take my bike, boxed or not!
I had to use a bus from Stockholm to Karlstad which was fine.
3 Dec 2017, 7:48pm
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Topic: Introductions - tell us about yourself
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Re: Introductions - tell us about yourself

Greeting to one and all, Just signed up with a view to gleaning advice and info on my forthcoming two-month cycling trip from Sweden back to the UK. I've toured within the UK to date and do a bit of Mountain bike bike-packing as well as touring. My trip begins in June 2018 where I plan to cycle from...