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by 1066enthalpies1939
3 Feb 2019, 7:07pm
Forum: Campaigning & Public Policy
Topic: Scrapped HS2 bike path "5 times better value"
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Re: Scrapped HS2 bike path "5 times better value"

Bonefishblues wrote:
mjr wrote:
Bonefishblues wrote:You should get together with a guy on another forum - it's uncanny how similar your ideas are :lol:

My hair's better! ;-)

An, but he's definitely got the better commuter bike!

Name the name
by 1066enthalpies1939
2 Feb 2019, 12:36pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Consumer Rights / Customer Service
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Re: Consumer Rights / Customer Service

Witterings wrote:The part comes as a complete assembled unit as per the picture here .....
all you need to do is attach it to the saddle rails as per the instructions.

I have used one these without issue . I would suggest you secure the services of a competent cycle mechanic in future.
by 1066enthalpies1939
29 Jan 2019, 10:25pm
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Topic: Membership of this forum1
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Re: Membership of this forum?

Vorpal wrote:I can fix the poll, so that people can choose age group & membership status, but it will reset the voting.

OK by me

Many thanks
by 1066enthalpies1939
22 Jan 2019, 12:40pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Base Layers ... Much Difference Between Them
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Re: Base Layers ... Much Difference Between Them

Oldjohnw wrote:I avoid anything with the word 'thermal'!

by 1066enthalpies1939
21 Jan 2019, 9:45pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Base Layers ... Much Difference Between Them
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Re: Base Layers ... Much Difference Between Them

I use M and S thermals , I find they keep me warm standing on corners whilst doing cycling training ... croll=2600
by 1066enthalpies1939
13 Jan 2019, 5:28pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Mapometer - what else is there?
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Re: Mapometer - what else is there?

bikes4two wrote:I've used Mapometer on and off for some years but of late I'm finding that creating tracks using the Draw Route feature and with Follow Roads selected, the routing is including footpaths, bridleways and other ways that are DEFINITELY NOT road riding territory.(I suspect it's been like this for some while but have previously put it down to my error).

I have emailed their admin but no response as yet, so:

1. Is this shortcoming just me, or have otherss noticed, or indeed is there a work-around?
2. Recommend me an alternative that is useable in the UK and Europe.

Many thanks

Try plotaroute
by 1066enthalpies1939
8 Jan 2019, 10:33pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Royal Park cycling - charged with offence
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Re: Royal Park cycling - charged with offence

EllaSquish wrote:Hi everyone,

I'm completely new here and I'm grateful to have found this forum, which I did because of my mad googling about a charge I've been given. I'd really appreciate any advice!

I cycled over a pedestrian footbridge in regents park in November and was given a £60 fine. The police office took my details and I'm ashamed to say I wasn't very nice to him (not swearing, more crying in anger! the shame...). He told me if I wanted to appeal it I can and when I read the piece of paper it said something about court but he said something along the lines of it probably won't get to that... well it has. I've just received a "written charge, attendance required" at court. I'm pretty sure I was in the wrong, as I definitely cycled over the bridge, My only defence is that I really wasn't sure what bit I could/couldn't cycle over, so I got off and back on at one point. The police officer said he caught me on camera.

Has anyone got any experience of this or advice on how to proceed? Feeling quite scared about the repercussions, not just monetary.

The official title of the regulation is:
Regulation 3(4) of the Royal Parks and Other Open Spaces Regulations 1997 and section 2 of the Parks Regulation (Amendment) Act 1926.

Thanks so much,

I know Regents Park very well I would be very surprise if you had not ridden over a no cycling sign or wording to that effect mark on the path.

In RP you are permitted to ride around the outer and inner circle and down the broad walk excluding the section south of Chester Road. It is all clearly marked . If you rode over the bridge I think you did by the boating lake you would have gone past a sign.
by 1066enthalpies1939
11 Dec 2018, 8:49pm
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: What would you do if your derailleur hanger looked like this?
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Re: What would you do if your derailleur hanger looked like this?

keyboardmonkey wrote:a) Find out which derailleur hanger you require
b) Order two

(edit: just seen your cross post of 6:07pm)

This may help you to find the correct hanger
by 1066enthalpies1939
11 Dec 2018, 4:13pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: A girl, a boy and a bike
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Re: A girl, a boy and a bike

Patrickpioneer wrote:I don't like films, I'm a misery, but I found this link on another forum to an old film involving cycling and I enjoyed it, perhaps I am mellowing?

Can anybody identify the locations used in this film?
by 1066enthalpies1939
10 Dec 2018, 3:00pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: What to pack when riding my first road bike
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Re: What to pack when riding my first road bike

ndwgolf wrote:Guys I have just bought a new Trek Madone SLR7, and would like to know what you guys would recommend me taking with me in case if puncture or Di2 issue.
I've been riding my mountain bike for over two years now, mainly on the road and haven't really taken anything with me. I have heard that road bikes are prone to punctures so I guess spare tubes and a pump will be essential........anyway any advice will be much appreciated

I went through a learning curve with what to take on a bike ride, I use to carry the kitchen sink. #
IMHO this what I would suggest taking with you are bike ride

Mini track pump, will easy pump tyre up to say 80 psi with not much effort. ... track+pump

Inner tubes x2
4-inch strip on tubular tyre tread, this will be durable emergency tempory repair for any gashs in your tyre, Obtainable from maybe ex-racing cyclist who as discard tubular tyre.

Tyre levers x2, this type will remove the tightest tyre rim combination, they double as bottle opener and wheel nut spanner ... berlvr.php
Puncture repair outfit

Topeak Alien II Multi Tool - Will deal most problem on the bike ... uDEALw_wcB

I never need one but

Buddy Spokey Spoke Key of the correct size, it is light, and they do the job. ... F8EALw_wcB
by 1066enthalpies1939
7 Dec 2018, 5:15pm
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Topic: calling Brucey.. SA touring potential
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Re: calling Brucey.. SA touring potential

Brucey wrote:sprinter 7s hub is not especially reliable in hard use and suffers the disadvantages that spares are now getting incredibly difficult to find and (AFAICT) other SA internals don't fit into that hubshell. On the plus side with small wheels it sees an easier time of it (lower torque) and if it has lasted this long it can't be too badly suited to your use.

The 'old' twin toggle SA 5s hubs (converted FWs, S5s, but not the 5-star) have the killer advantage that if the centre claps out, you can whack an AW internal into the same shell and be on your way. Thus with that style of TT5s or an old AW, major blow ups are not such a concern; most places in Europe will have old AWs lurking about the place. New AW internals fit too, BTW.

I have always carried enough tools (a couple of spanners plus a drift that I can hit with a borrowed hammer or a rock) to strip an AW or a TT5s hub. If I wanted to be really well prepared I'd carry a spare axle, spare pawls, toggle key and spare pawl springs.

The latter parts are not very likely to fail but are easy to carry. However a broken axle is a real possibility and more of a show-stopper; this eventually failed in my highest mileage hub, cracking across the toggle key slot. Had I had my wits about me, I wouldn't have ignored the loud crack sound that preceded the final failure; that sound was the first side of the crack near the slot breaking through to the slot, about a week before the end. 'Old' AW axles can have sun pinions that fail or the axle can crack where the sun pinion rivet goes through it.

With any SA hub you can fit more than one sprocket, use a derailleur and have an extended gear range that way. If you don't want a tensioner at all, you can run a second sprocket and chainring (leaving the chain slack enough to be manually derailed into low range) such that it makes what I call a 'Magic Alpine Double', i.e. so that the chain is equally tight on either chainring/sprocket pair. For example 46/19 give the same chain length (magic gear) as 36/30 and with a 5s gear you can have ratios from about 22" to about 100" this way.

So I'd happily tour on a modern NIG AW because the axle is (QA concerns asides) stronger built. However I'd fit the Rh tab washer than is now omitted by SA and I'd be careful that the actuator plate was in good condition though. A simple way of fitting multiple sprockets to one of these is to use a Brompton BMW driver; (the standard NIG driver isn't quite long enough to accept multiple sprockets easily, eg without losing the dust shield over the ring bearing).

I can see the appeal of an IGH for touring in mucky conditions but there is more than one way to skin a cat and all that; if you are worried about wear on a derailleur transmission, you can address this in various ways. An easy way is to carry a spare chain and to fit that when the original one gets too dirty/slightly worn. The old chain can be cleaned and reused or binned. With an 8s system reasonable chains are cheap enough to throw away, more or less.


Do have any photographs of your magic drive with the Brompton BMW driver?
by 1066enthalpies1939
6 Dec 2018, 10:24am
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: ** The Brexit Thread ** - 'Brexit Means Brexit'
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Re: ** The Brexit Thread ** - 'Brexit Means Brexit'

PDQ Mobile wrote:
pete75 wrote:
PDQ Mobile wrote:
How many miles did you travel to fetch it!?
A sort of of alternative MPG.

Well none really because I was going past there anyway - but about 18 so 2 mpg.

Must be something special!

(I tried to be clever and find an alcohol content expressed in imperial but failed. :shock:

There may or may not be something significant in this!)

This may help? ... 29&Result= ... perial.php
by 1066enthalpies1939
6 Dec 2018, 10:02am
Forum: Helmets & helmet discussion
Topic: Why He Stopped Wearing a Helmet
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Re: Why He Stopped Wearing a Helmet

[XAP]Bob wrote:A colleague many years ago had his face completely mashed because his helmet went one side of an obstruction and his head to the other... so his face and head couldn't slide across the car door, they just had to stop on it... The helmet was caught on the rail for a rack.

jaw in a few pieces, many teeth missing, a long while before he was back in the office, and longer before he was out on a bike again (with a full face helmet because of the weakness in his jaw, and he was doing 'fun' offloading...)

Are full face helmet more dangerous if you are ridding in traffic due the your inability to hear clearly?
by 1066enthalpies1939
24 Nov 2018, 6:55am
Forum: Cycling UK Topics and Discussions
Topic: (potential) CUK Volunteers - your opinions pls
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Re: (potential) CUK Volunteers - your opinions pls

The lack of comment on this subject may indicate a lack of interest of how cuk is run and the very low percentage of cuk members who frequent here?