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by Maricu
7 Nov 2018, 11:49am
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Topic: Welding
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Re: Welding

I have never used a 220 VAC MIG welder before but asking a lot of questions before I bought mine (one of them was from a friend who repaired welders for a living), there are some things to point out. Unlike a 240 VAC welder, you cannot just go out and move from the max 3/16 material (usually conside...
by Maricu
24 Sep 2018, 2:06pm
Forum: Cycle Camping sub-forum
Topic: Helinox Chair 1 review
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Re: Helinox Chair 1 review

Helinox recently put out a new model called the Chair Zero Lounge Max, here is review 1.1 pounds packed weight, 265 lbs capacity, 11 inch seat height. I was about to pull the trigger on an alite mayfly, but this made me stop and consider further..... I have ...