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by Campag
18 Sep 2019, 2:39pm
Forum: Non-standard, Human Powered Vehicles
Topic: Pictures of your recumbent
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Re: Pictures of your recumbent

My first recumbent was a second hand Kingcycle, about 3 years ago. Since then a couple of quite rare vintage recumbents, made by Aerobikes (a small scale builder in Edinburgh). And most recently a new bike, using a Velomotion framekit from Poland and built up with various components either already i...
by Campag
23 Jun 2019, 7:34pm
Forum: People, Events & Rides
Topic: York Rally 2019: 22-23 June
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Re: York Rally 2019: 22-23 June

Great weekend. Obviously we were lucky with the weather, other things that could be controlled were spot on. Catching up with friends; selection of rides (I did the retro ride on Saturday on my 1964 Moulton); good food and beer on site; bargains in the trade stands and saddlebag sale; interesting bi...
by Campag
20 May 2019, 7:00pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Tell me about… minivelos
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Re: Tell me about… minivelos

Small wheels without suspension results in a very bumpy and harsh ride. There are advantages to small wheels in designs such as folders (Brompton, Dahon etc) or small wheeled road bikes (Moulton). If it is an unsuspended frame, better using large wheels.
by Campag
27 Apr 2019, 8:28pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Tax breaks for electric bikes?
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Re: Tax breaks for electric bikes?

There should be, but probably seen as too 'outside the (tin) box for our car obsessed decision makers.
by Campag
3 Apr 2019, 7:27pm
Forum: Campaigning & Public Policy
Topic: Should we stop using the word 'cyclists'?
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Re: Should we stop using the word 'cyclists'?

Not just about cyclists. There seems to be growing intolerance for any 'radical' idea. Ideas like challenging the reliance on cars with one occupant as the main form of transport; investing in roads instead of buses, railways, cycle routes; making rich people and multinational companies pay tax; inv...