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by Gew
30 Aug 2020, 9:33am
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Topic: Surnames
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Re: Surnames

My younger sister kept her name when she married. In fact, her husband took her name. This is fairly uncommon practise, however.
by Gew
14 Apr 2020, 3:35pm
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Topic: Introductions - tell us about yourself
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Re: Introductions - tell us about yourself

Hi guys, I don't have an age but I live outside of the UK right now. However, I love Great Britain and foremost I love bicycling. I have this cheap but still badass 29:er but sometimes I treat the damn thing as of it was a freestyle BMX, LOL. Next time I go to the UK we could all hook up and go for ...
by Gew
9 Aug 2019, 1:47am
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Topic: Giant 225MTB
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Re: Giant 225MTB

Wonderful story, true joy!
I keep all my kids' bikes, too.
You never know when they'll come in handy.

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