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by CathM
12 Apr 2020, 1:42pm
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Topic: Rear light found
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Rear light found

Found April 11th: a clip-on rear light with steady and flashing modes, on the road between Sedgwick and Natland (near Kendal). Nothing fancy but no doubt the owner was annoyed at finding it had jumped off the bike.

PM me if it's yours.
by CathM
26 Jan 2020, 9:10pm
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Topic: Crank length
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Re: Crank length

Brucey wrote: "I've even known folk ride for years with cranks that are different lengths each side and not notice." Many years ago I bought a second-hand touring bike, after checking it (inexpertly) for the usual faults; it never occurred to me to check that the cranks were the same lengt...