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by Trikesnbikes
17 Mar 2021, 3:32pm
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Hub brake >>Chair Make<<
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Re: Hub brake >>Chair Make<<

You can easily find automotive brake shoe relining services that will reline bicycle brake shoes. I recently used Villiers restorations for the drums on my tandem trike. I was pleased with the efficient service but should have requested harder linings as the new linings wore much faster than the originals.
by Trikesnbikes
15 Jan 2021, 3:54pm
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: Chainring wanted for a Bafang mid motor
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Re: Chainring wanted for a Bafang mid motor

For a UK supplier of lekkie bling rings try the Brighton ebikes site.
by Trikesnbikes
5 Jan 2021, 11:21am
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: New Campag 13 speed
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Re: New Campag 13 speed

I love my 1x 11-42 cassette set-up. That is as a leisure cyclist with no interest in competition.

I started my "proper" cycling 45 years ago with what I naively thought was a sporty bike which came with 5 speed derailleur gearing and a single chainring. I did my first 100 mile trip on that bike and because I didn't know any better I thought it was a great machine.

I eventually found the benefit of a wider gear range and for most of those years used triple chainrings with progressively wider freewheels then cassettes and I was grateful for the very wide gear range, especially on the steeper hills. I took pride in my ability to set up and operate the front triple changer, although to be honest in the latter years the big chainring didn't see much use.

I first tried going back to a single chainring when wider cassettes became available from MTB ranges and I found that as a non-racer I didn't miss having multiple rings or have any problem with wider gaps between gears. When proper 1x set-ups came on the market that completed the picture for me and all my bikes, trikes and recumbents now have Shimano or SRAM 1x systems.

With a suitable choice of chainring I find most of my cycling is in the middle ratios so I haven't suffered from premature wear on the smallest sprockets. I have also found the Shimano and SRAM derailleurs easy to fit and adjust, far easier than that old 5 speed friction derailleur on the first bike. Also I haven't noticed any tendency for the gears to go out of adjustment.

For my type of riding I can't see any need to progress to 12 or 13 speed systems so I will probably stick to the 11 speed I am very happy with.
by Trikesnbikes
30 Nov 2020, 2:48pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Bells
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Re: Bells

Wow, so when my wife and I go walking on quiet country lanes we have to go in single file all the time?

The runner might have actually said "coming past" or something similar - it was friendly, not at all aggressive.

I was there, you weren't and there was definitely no bell or call from the cyclist and it definitely wasn't a safe way to pass. If I had pointed out a bird or animal in the field on the left the cyclist would have got a well deserved accidental smack in the face.

I don't think cyclists have an absolute right to ride as though they are the only traffic that matters - if you meet a tractor you react accordingly - if you meet pedestrians who are equally valid road users you may have to briefly modify your riding. What is wrong with that?

When as cyclists we pass pedestrians in similar situations we generally end up with a friendly exchange. Maybe they remember when they next pass drive past other cyclists. Equally, someone who has been subjected to inconsiderate cycling is likely to remember it when they next encounter cyclists. To earn respect you have to show respect. It is in our own hands whether we improve cyclist/pedestrian relations or make them worse.
by Trikesnbikes
30 Nov 2020, 8:24am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Bells
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Re: Bells

A tale of two passes:
My wife and I were taking a Sunday morning walk to South Petherton along a quiet single track road. The road was the typical country lane with tarmac where vehicle tyres had cleared the surface and a muddy/gravelly ridge in the middle. We were therefore walking side by side with me using the left hand wheel-track. We were quietly immersed in our own thoughts and there wasn't any distracting noise. Suddenly there was a cyclist passing on my left at about 15mph. If I had deviated from my direction by 6 inches we would have collided as there was no room for the cyclist to swerve. I was so startled that I actually said "sorry" before realising that it was actually the cyclist that was in the wrong and shouting at the retreating back "you could have said something!".
About 5 minutes later a voice from behind us said "coming through" and looking behind we saw a runner was approaching, still about 20 yards away, giving us plenty of time to make way for the runner. As she passed there were mutual thanks and greetings.
Guess which one earned our respect and goodwill and which one earned our contempt.
If the cyclist reads this forum and recognises himself I would love to hear what he thinks of our encounter. If the runner reads this (I believe some runners also cycle!) then thank you again for acting so sensibly.
I don't know if there is a "right" way for cyclists approaching other road or path users but we always use the bell from a fair distance, followed up with another if necessary, then if there is still no result slow down and just say hello and always as we pass thank them for making way for us.
by Trikesnbikes
20 Nov 2020, 4:10pm
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Topic: bafang spares
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Re: bafang spares

Brighton ebikes carry some Bafang spares and provide fast service (I have no connection other than as a customer).
by Trikesnbikes
12 Nov 2020, 2:26pm
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Topic: Spa Tourer v Spa Wayfarer
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Re: Spa Tourer v Spa Wayfarer

pwa wrote:
Boring_Username wrote:I have just called Spa (which I should have done earlier of course) - they claim the steel Tourer will take 40c with guards...

I have 38mm tyres with mudguards on my Spa Tourer and I think that is really a smidge too big - I expect clogging up when the roads get really mucky. When I wear these tyres out I will fit 35mm ones instead which I think will be ample even for the bad road surfaces we have.
by Trikesnbikes
29 Sep 2020, 6:33pm
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: Electric tandem
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Re: Electric tandem

Fitting a bottom bracket kit shouldn't be a huge problem if you have crossover drive with square taper cranks the same as the kit you are fitting. You just fit your existing left hand crank and chainring instead of the kit crank. You might have to adjust the chain line by fitting a longer or shorter bottom bracket to the other end to line up the two chainrings. If the current and kit crank lengths are different you can also use your existing right crank with the chainrings removed (as the kit chainring will drive the rear chain). If you have straight through drive you would need an adaptor to be able to run two chainrings as most kits only run one chainring as standard.
by Trikesnbikes
29 Sep 2020, 6:16pm
Forum: Cycling Goods & Services - Your Reviews
Topic: Spa Cycles (Harrogate)
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Re: Spa Cycles (Harrogate)

I had a very good experience ordering a Spa Tourer frameset. I ordered on Friday and took delivery lunchtime on the following Tuesday. Shortly after I ordered they checked that I was ordering the correct size for my height (which I was happy with). There was one problem, they sent the wrong colour, but after a brief, amicable discussion we reached a mutually acceptable solution.
by Trikesnbikes
21 Sep 2020, 5:31pm
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Topic: Fitting a bb motor after market
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Re: Fitting a bb motor after market

I have fitted bottom bracket conversion kits to several cycles. They are not perfect but they do the job and have been largely reliable. They do require "standard" bottom bracket dimensions i.e. 68-73 mm width.
by Trikesnbikes
5 Sep 2020, 8:04am
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Topic: Tongsheng TSDZ2 installation
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Re: Tongsheng TSDZ2 installation

The splitter is for connecting lights which are then controllable from some of the display/controllers. If the connector on the "spare" cable matches the splitter connection, it is for connecting to the lights.
by Trikesnbikes
1 Apr 2020, 4:35pm
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Topic: Greenspeed kingpin steering
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Greenspeed kingpin steering

Does anyone have any experience of the steering on Greenspeed tadpole layout trikes?

Having obtained a Greenspeed GTV tandem recumbent I found the steering required much more force than my solo ICE recumbent. The ICE uses normal bike style headsets on both swivels while the Greenspeed uses kingpins. Despite being freshly greased and the kingpin bolts not being excessively tight, the "stiction" in the system made longer rides more tiring than should have been the case, particularly compared to the ICE.

In an effort to reduce the steering forces I introduced thrust bearings at the bottom of the kingpins and this seems to have transformed the steering apparently without introducing any disadvantages. I am sure the Greenspeed designers aren't stupid so am I missing something? Will it all go horribly wrong after a few more miles and is there a better way of reducing the steering forces?