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by flat tyre
3 Dec 2019, 8:37pm
Forum: On the road
Topic: New user + Advise on accident
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Re: New user + Advise on accident

I really can't see how this can be shared blame. If I've understood correctly the driver who hit you was turning right. I'm pretty sure that the highway code says you should give way to oncoming traffic when turning right. If he went through a gap in the traffic he is still responsible for checking ...
by flat tyre
18 Nov 2019, 6:31pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Help with tyre punctures
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Re: Help with tyre punctures

It is possible to get dirt/grit inside the tyre when refitting beside the road if you are not careful, this can then cause another puncture.
by flat tyre
12 Nov 2019, 8:57am
Forum: Health and fitness
Topic: The Guardians exercises to stop you dieing
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Re: The Guardians exercises to stop you dieing

Near me is a leisure and fitness centre where one can participate in most of the activities listed in the article. Ironically, the car park is always packed, however there are 6 bicycle parking stands.
by flat tyre
21 Oct 2019, 9:08am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Ride Suggestions For West Sussex Please
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Re: Ride Suggestions For West Sussex Please

If you don't mind travelling a short way to the start then you could try Portsmouth CTC, rides starting from Havant.
by flat tyre
17 Oct 2019, 9:07am
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Rear derailleur guard
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Re: Rear derailleur guard

I've never managed to damage the mech, however for time to time I've managed to bend the mech hanger (they're made of metallic cheese, there's a reason for this!), either by falling off or the bike falling over. I bought a derialleur alignment tool which has been very useful on these occasions.
by flat tyre
11 Oct 2019, 8:29am
Forum: On the road
Topic: One solution to tailgating?
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Re: One solution to tailgating?

Yes, I discussed that once with a former police driving instructor when renewing my minibus permit. Not too long before, I'd had the frightening experience of driving a bus full of Scouts, with a lorry tail-gating me. I was in the inside lane, with nowhere to go. We agreed that the only available r...
by flat tyre
4 Oct 2019, 4:43pm
Forum: On the road
Topic: Punishment Stops
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Re: Punishment Stops

I've had similar experiences, but in my cases I'm not sure whether the driver had any malicious intent or was just careless. What usually happens is car goes past at speed then slams on brakes as the left or right turn they were trying to make is blocked by on coming traffic etc. leaving me very lit...
by flat tyre
2 Oct 2019, 8:30pm
Forum: Campaigning & Public Policy
Topic: Starting campaign to improve cycle path in SE England
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Re: Starting campaign to improve cycle path in SE England

Try your local town councillor. If they had agreed the climate emergency then they should be looking at initiatives such as this.
by flat tyre
29 Sep 2019, 6:01am
Forum: On the road
Topic: Priority at crossroads
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Priority at crossroads

There's a junction at a cross roads that I have to negotiate frequently. There is a stop sign for traffic in my direction and the same on the opposite site. My question is if there is a car on the opposite side of the crossroads waiting to turn right and I want to go straight on, who has priority? D...
by flat tyre
26 Sep 2019, 11:33pm
Forum: On the road
Topic: Pothole crash death - a Total And Utter Disgrace
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Re: Pothole crash death - a Total And Utter Disgrace

We seem to have been brainwashed into accepting that there's no money available for decent road maintenance, also no money available for schools, NHS, justice system, police and indeed every other part of the national infrastructure.
by flat tyre
25 Aug 2019, 8:23pm
Forum: On the road
Topic: Bells on bikes
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Re: Bells on bikes

If I'm going fast on my road bike then I find that the noise from my tyres alone is quite enough to send pedestrians scampering off the track.
by flat tyre
22 Aug 2019, 4:16pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: What3words
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Re: What3words

Unless I've misunderstood, I can't see what this app does that is not already available via good old-fashioned latitude and longitude. If you have a smart phone and, for example google maps then it gives you your position using conventional coordinates. Of course someone would stand to make a lot of...
by flat tyre
18 Aug 2019, 8:54pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: New verb
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Re: New verb

Surely its segue?
by flat tyre
7 Aug 2019, 12:22pm
Forum: On the road
Topic: slowing down on the bike
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Re: slowing down on the bike

Certainly my experience is that since having retired 4 years ago at 61, I've got a lot fitter and faster. Cycling mileage has gone up 3x to about 7,500 miles per year and I've lost 2 stone. I think the weight loss has helped cycling performance as I'm much faster up hill than I used to be.
by flat tyre
5 Aug 2019, 2:17pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Long term touring advice
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Re: Long term touring advice

Re bike maintenance skills. You only need skills that will enable you to use the tools and spare parts you intend to carry. Eg not much point knowing how to rejoin a snapped chain if you don't carry spare chain links and a chain tool. If you are decide that the risk of the chain breaking is very sma...