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by szegerely
16 Mar 2013, 9:58pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Feet and fingers
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Re: Feet and fingers

I just thought I would let people know about my solution(s) I really suffer on cold rides, so much that I had almost decided not to do any riding on cold days. Last September I bought some Hotronic insoles and Hestra heated gloves. I have used them right through the winter and they have completely t...
by szegerely
30 Dec 2010, 12:10am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Tricks for being seen on the road.
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Re: Tricks for being seen on the road.

I have a bike trailer and in it sits a german shepherd dog. We go every where together, and i get no trouble from passing motorists. So I ride in the middle of the road, seriously, right in the middle, and the people ahead of me, turning across my path or out of junctions, see me too. I haven't had ...
by szegerely
10 Mar 2010, 4:20pm
Forum: On the road
Topic: Abused For Defending a Group of Cyclist's Whilst Driving
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Re: Abused For Defending a Group of Cyclist's Whilst Driving

I cycle along a stretch of road every morning and evening that has queues of cars, all patiently sitting behind one another, often going at less than walking pace and often completely stationary. They seem to be able to coexist with one another doing that so whay can't they be as patient when behind...
by szegerely
11 Feb 2010, 2:46pm
Forum: Cycling UK Member Groups and Affiliates
Topic: CTC Membership Services
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Re: CTC Membership Services

So the answer to whether your Member Group can claim is: only if you have been allocated your own postcode area of the membership. You can then claim the 18p for every CTC member in that area, whether they are active in your group or not. No it isn't, we set up a group, all my friends joined it, as...
by szegerely
31 Mar 2008, 11:25pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Rain in the eyes
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Mick Are you describing a stinging sensation as rain runs into your eyes? I have had this in the past on very wet rides, and I was wearing cycling glasses. I think sweat (or salt) was being washed out of my hemet pads into my eyes. I had to get off as it was too dangerous to ride until it settled do...