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by eclipse
16 Aug 2010, 1:03pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: tent waterproofness
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Re: tent waterproofness

As a lifelong camper, Ive had many tents, some expensive 'mountain expedition' tents, and others of varying quality, down to budget price tents from Lichfield and the like; Ive currently got about six I think.... I can't remember any of them leaking, and all have been out in some very heavy weather,...
by eclipse
13 Apr 2010, 10:28am
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Can anyone tell me about Derby?
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Re: Can anyone tell me about Derby?

I lived in Derby when I went to the Uni there, lived in Lowerdale Road in Normanton. This area seemed to have quite a bad reputation, however I found it a great place to live, in fact I enjoyed Derby in general; small enough to walk across, big enough to have some really nice pubs. Good cycling rout...
by eclipse
13 Apr 2010, 9:56am
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: What's the trick with Presta valves?
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Re: What's the trick with Presta valves?

Looking into the pump, it's just one large-ish hole -
Hang on, on all my pumps, they are designed for use with presta or schrader; you unscrew the rubber sealing ring which the valve sits in, and turn it 180 degrees. Its got a small hole for presta :wink:
by eclipse
30 Mar 2010, 11:31am
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Shimano bar end levers.
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Re: Shimano bar end levers.

Pilot error? Pilot error? oh youre a hard man Hamster... but that probably has a lot to do with it.... :oops:
by eclipse
29 Mar 2010, 12:16pm
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Shimano bar end levers.
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Shimano bar end levers.

I fitted these to an old Flying Scot of mine some time ago, and although I find them much more convenient than down tube shifters, on my first real tour in Andalucia in January, I suffered a few problems; On the lumpy roads down there, one of the bolts holding the shifter for the front mech rattled ...
by eclipse
25 Mar 2010, 7:46pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
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Flew to Malaga via easyjet in January, going I got a box off Halfords, stripped the bike down, no problems. I carried an old sail bag in which panniers and saddlebag went as one parcel, with no probs. I also cut two little lengths of wood, which fastened (screws)between the dropouts when the wheels ...
by eclipse
4 Mar 2010, 10:21am
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Rear LED Mudguard Light?
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Re: Rear LED Mudguard Light?

Spa cycles have a cheap one, saw it last weekend, under a tenner if I remember rightly!
by eclipse
4 Feb 2010, 8:09pm
Forum: Cycling Goods & Services - Your Reviews
Topic: Decathlon Malaga
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Decathlon Malaga

Following a flight to Malaga in January, on putting the bike together managed to get a double loop in the chain, which my fuddled brain couldn't sort out. Eventually got me chain breaker out, split the chain and re-joined.... great!!, only thing was I'd put a tight spot in the chain. After working t...
by eclipse
28 Jan 2010, 7:39pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: pannier dilema
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Re: pannier dilema

Hello all, my first post this, I recently got back from my first tour ever, quite a humble trip from Malaga for a week, but for two days had 6+ hours of riding in HEAVY rain. For this tour I'd bought Altura panniers, but reckoned the covers didnt look very protective, so bought a pack of builders ru...