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by profpointy
11 Aug 2018, 1:05pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Annecy touring
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Re: Annecy touring

we hired some hybrid style bikes and did a circuit of the lake, mostly on cycle paths with some rounds. I seem to recall we did do a somewhat unsuitable footpath section on the far side (pushing / carrying, but doable) which could doubtless be avoided with a bit more road. can't remember how far (ma...
by profpointy
7 Aug 2018, 1:26pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Custom seatpost shim, 27.3 (three) to 29.6?
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Re: Custom seatpost shim, 27.3 (three) to 29.6?

you could use aluminium drinks can. Not sure on exact thickness but easy enough to measure or just use trial and error

Or, you could buy some 0 .15mm shim strip from an engineering supplier
by profpointy
11 Jul 2018, 1:11pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Boys (formerly) in Cave
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Re: Boys (formerly) in Cave

... This whole enterprise smacks a bit too "Enid Blyton" - or possibly "Boys Own Paper" * - for my liking. ...? I'm not sure what you mean by that but if you are suggesting that this wasn't grim for the people trapped then I think it's a view based on a misunderstanding of what ...
by profpointy
2 Jul 2018, 1:33pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: FILUMS see.
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Re: FILUMS see.

I picked up a blu ray from Poundlander ( can be a good place ) for just £1 called IRON SKY I am a bit surprised it was ever made as it is about Nazis after WW2 escaping to the dark side of the moon who come back to earth to pick up where they left off. It is a comedy with German actors made in Euro...
by profpointy
29 Jun 2018, 11:18pm
Forum: Fun & Games
Topic: Joker of the day
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Re: Joker of the day

would you buy this? acera.JPG goto web page to zoom in on this rusty bit of worn out rubbish - look at the jockey wheels :lol:
by profpointy
28 Jun 2018, 5:07pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Midges in Scotland
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Re: Midges in Scotland

We had a trip in Knoydart at the margins of the midge season. Used deet and bee nets, but cooking outside still unpleasant. I was thankfull when it started raining as I assumed they'd be driven off - but no; was simultaneously rained on and bitten, albeit only at the annoyance rather than screaming ...
by profpointy
19 Jun 2018, 8:35pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Anti-insect mouth protection?
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Re: Anti-insect mouth protection?

Wasn't there a Music Hall entertainer during Victorian Times, who was famous (among the unspeakable lower classes, naturally) for the varied musical effects he could produce in almost continual and infinite variety - on a good night? One can't help wondering what facial, and bodily, contortions he ...
by profpointy
16 Jun 2018, 9:41am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: what this tool is for?
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Re: what this tool is for?

I have one for undoing the knobs from scuba diving tanks
by profpointy
16 May 2018, 11:34am
Forum: On the road
Topic: Are we riding too fast.
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Re: Are we riding too fast.

For anyone cycling over here, the blanket speed limit on rural cycle paths is 20 kph. That said, I've only ever heard of one speed trap, so the only real limit is your own oomph, and of course your natural courtesy to others. In come cities, though, the speed limit on shared paths is 10 kph and the...
by profpointy
14 May 2018, 9:36pm
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Canti brakes/self-energising suntours
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Re: Canti brakes/self-energising suntours

I had them on my Thorn tourer . They would have been an expensive option originally,so I went for Avid shorty. Then, some while later, Thorn/ SJC were selling the Suntours off cheap. Can't say they were any great, if any, improvement, but maybe I'd not set them up quite right. In any case,the "...
by profpointy
4 May 2018, 11:44am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: 8.5 mile commute for a beginner cyclist?
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Re: 8.5 mile commute for a beginner cyclist?

Fitness wise, from your post, I am certain you will be totally fine. London is not hilly, so it's pretty easy to cycle more or less any distance. Road confidence - I'm not a london cyclist, but have been a city commuter cyclist elsewhere - the best piece of advice I can think of is be confident, alm...
by profpointy
4 May 2018, 11:40am
Forum: Cycle Camping sub-forum
Topic: Sleeping mats and punctures
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Re: Sleeping mats and punctures

I didn't buy one for years since (a) I was worried about punctures - a well-off "early-adopter" had bought one and had maybe a dozen punctures after an outing leading to much derision from the rest of us and (b) the thermarest ones were just stupidly expensive. Then I gritted my teeth, pai...
by profpointy
1 May 2018, 6:25pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Can you swim?
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Re: Can you swim?

I learnt to swim in primary school, and could perhaps manage 50 yards as an adult. When caving, my main sport, I did find swims very intimidating, so it did hold me back a bit. Then, in my late 30s I went to adult swimming classes, and fairly quickly improved my technique to the extent I could do a ...
by profpointy
1 May 2018, 6:23pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Views on extra virgin olive oil as chainlube?
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Re: Views on extra virgin olive oil as chainlube?

A pal of mine bust the sump on his jaguar-based kit-car, up a landrover track too far from anywhere sensible. He dropped the sump, lined it with bin bags, and filled up with a combination of whatever oil he hand left, and cooking oil. Got him back to the proper road and to a garage where he could fi...
by profpointy
24 Apr 2018, 5:52pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: IBIS and F1 Hotels in France - Any Advice?
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Re: IBIS and F1 Hotels in France - Any Advice?

I've stayed in F1 and they are clean, extremely basic, and extremely cheap. Breakfast is a croissant and machine coffee, so you'd be best off finding a nice cafe to be honest. Perfectly fine for stopping a night on a journey, but not for a romantic weekend break lets say. Ibis is more a medium grade...