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by rjb
10 Dec 2009, 5:17pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Whats wrong?
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Re: Whats wrong?

If you have a freewheel or uniglide cassette you just stripped the thread on the top sprocket. Been there done it.
by rjb
10 Dec 2009, 2:16pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Pictures of your Trailers
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Re: Pictures of your Trailers

Some great ideas there. Here's my trailer built from a Mothercare Pushchair rescued from a skip a couple of weeks ago. The hitch is the second try, first go was a universal joint but it rattled too much and kept tristing in the drop out. The 2nd one uses a spring. I made this after seeing an idea on...
by rjb
4 Dec 2009, 6:28pm
Forum: On the road
Topic: Thank You Mr KOMATSU
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Re: Thank You Mr KOMATSU

I once tucked in behind a tractor and trailer in similar weather conditions. I thought my luck was in as not only was it keeping the wind off me it was also keeping me pretty dry. :D What I couldn't see was that the tarpaulin cover on the trailer was filling up with rain water. Eventually it reached...
by rjb
25 Nov 2009, 9:17pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Would you pay £164,000 for a bike?
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Re: Would you pay £164,000 for a bike?

Picked up 2 Dawes Kingpin folding shoppers for £10 from an advert posted in Safeways (now morrisons). Must have been a bogoff :D
by rjb
19 Nov 2009, 9:01pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: First glances
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Re: First glances

ferrit warrior

i take my piont kneat too! another glass maybe!
by rjb
9 Nov 2009, 8:45pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Road trains
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Re: Road trains

Learn't from cycling, they are called chain gangs :twisted:
Lets hope they don't model the next idea on the Keirin (perhaps they have in the form of amber gamblers)
by rjb
3 Nov 2009, 6:21pm
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: latex tubes....
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Re: latex tubes....

In response to the last message from oak hill cyclist. I didn't know that thorn resistant tubes existed? I have never seen them. Are they any good? I had a puncture on the front wheel of our tandem on Sunday from a thorn, went straight through the kevlar tyre, and the butyl tube, and we also use an ...
by rjb
24 Oct 2009, 8:52pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: The ultimate chain?
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Re: The ultimate chain?

Continuing the lubricating floor theme, I once polished a slide in the local park with furniture polish as it had become extremely sticky and no one was able to slide down. It was very quick afterwards and all the kids thoroughly enjoyed the speed sensation. A couple of days later at the village sch...
by rjb
11 Oct 2009, 10:35pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Rubber grips going sticky
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Re: Rubber grips going sticky

Had the same problem with some shimano rubber brake hoods on drop bar levers. Tried all sorts of treatments but none worked. Eventually covered the rubbers with a section of old inner tube. This works a treat. You may be able to do the same.
Regards, Roger
by rjb
11 Oct 2009, 8:19pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Tittilating Titles
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One for the fairer sex

Here's mine, how big is yours?

King Dick.JPG

Click to enlarge!
by rjb
6 Oct 2009, 1:31pm
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Sticking Bar Grips in Place
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Re: Sticking Bar Grips in Place

Hi mick, Reminded me of a similar revolutionary product in the late 1960's. A plastic sleeve which was pushed onto drop handlebars instead of the usual sticky cloth tape. It was a nightmare to get on, i remember having to use a lot of neat washing up liquid to lubricate it and like you my arms, wris...
by rjb
19 Sep 2009, 9:20pm
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: FAG bottom bracket removal-How to
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Re: FAG bottom bracket removal-How to

I made a tool using 6 X m5 allen bolts. I used some 1/8 inch thick tough plastic sheet but you could use anything to hand. I still use it occasionally as i discovered when i removed the Fag BB that it is enclosed in a polyamide case so it was an easy job to drill a small hole in the sleeve and then ...
by rjb
17 Sep 2009, 8:58pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: A supple neck.
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Re: A supple neck.

I have had problems with my neck in the past and was recommended to read the following book. "Treat Your Own Neck" by the new zealand physiotherapist Robin Mckenzie. It cost about £9 and i found it excellent help. The ISBN number is 0-473-00209-4 He has also written a companion book entitl...
by rjb
16 Sep 2009, 6:34pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Watching the Tour of Britain
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Re: Watching the Tour of Britain

As thirdcrank says they usually operate a rolling road closure. I have watched it pass through somerset on the previous 2 years and have had a great day out. When the road reopens ( Not obvious - just assume its after the bunch and following cars pass) you may find a bunch of local boy racers follow...
by rjb
15 Sep 2009, 9:02pm
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: Tesco torch handlebar fitting
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Re: Tesco torch handlebar fitting

I forgot to mention that i also loop the carry strap around the bars as a secondary retention (just in case!).