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by bluemint
3 Mar 2012, 4:02pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: New to Touring
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Re: New to Touring

edinburgh bike co-op have reduced their country traveller & explorer tourers. £359 & £499 respectively. I've got the traveller and am chuffed with it.
by bluemint
1 Mar 2012, 1:55pm
Forum: Cycle Camping sub-forum
Topic: Solid-fuel burning folding stove?
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Re: Solid-fuel burning folding stove?

I used one many moons ago. I think it warped and broke, in any case it didn't last long with me. I've got a honey stove and it's great, practically indestructible. You might want to go for the Pocket Stove from, it's basically a compact version of the honey stove in its 4 pane...
by bluemint
26 Feb 2012, 5:52pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Water Filters
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Re: Water Filters

I pretty much had the same thoughts as you and got myself a Drinksafe water filter that claims to make any kind of water drinkable (except sea water), it deals with chemicals, viruses and heavy metals. I've not used it yet but i used to carry 3 x 750ml bottles on the bike and a spare 1lt in my panni...
by bluemint
27 Jan 2012, 11:15am
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Topic: one man tent
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Re: one man tent

I have the Gelert solo and it's tiny. A real struggle to get changed in and not a lot of storage room. However it is ideal for fitting on to a pannier rack and is lightweight. I use it in conjunction with a tarp I got from Decathlon to provide some shelter which doesn't add too much weight for the m...