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by Tail End Charlie
25 Jun 2008, 1:06pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: campsite tips and tricks
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In no particular order 1. I would use meths, OK it takes longer but I find it relaxing sitting and waiting for the food to boil/ cook. It's sort of in tune with the spirit of the trip. Putting the kettle on as soon as you arrive somewhere means the cuppa is ready when you've got the tent up. 2. I ha...
by Tail End Charlie
13 May 2008, 6:12pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: First time tourer
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For a first trip the Lon Las Cymru is a great route. Relatively easy to get to on the train and the right length for the time you have. I would B and B at first until you get used to things. Or maybe the Reivers route followed by Coast and Castles. (Carlisle to Edinburgh). The Outer Hebrides are gre...
by Tail End Charlie
13 May 2008, 6:07pm
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Lon Las Cymru (Welsh E2E)
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I did the Lon Las Cymru two years ago and it is a fantastic ride. Started at Chepstow and rode north. It is really well signposted, the only maps you need are the ones produced by Sustrans. I would recommend you take the route via Happy Valley from Machynlleth to Dolgellau. It involves a short secti...
by Tail End Charlie
5 Dec 2007, 1:51am
Forum: Touring & Expedition
Topic: Hebrides: when?
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I went through the Outer Hebrides in May this year and was blessed with good weather. Went from Barra northwards. The Uists are very flat Harris and Lewis less so. The wind was either West or South west. Weather is very changeable, the only rain I saw looked like it was going to stay for the whole d...