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by basingstoke123
21 Mar 2008, 9:54pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: How many of you always wear a helmet?
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Example to follow up on comments made by Si and bovlomov: A 12 year old boy sadly lost his spleen in a freak bike accident last year after loosing control when going to fast. Leason learnt: always wear a helmet (not 'cycle more carefully'!). And his parents now want to make wearing a helmet compulso...
by basingstoke123
13 Feb 2008, 10:55pm
Forum: On the road
Topic: Not so "Smart" traffic lights
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Unresponsive Traffic Lights

If the lights fail to detect you, then they are not working properly. Under these conditions, going through a 'red light' is not the same as going through a red light on working lights. If this happens to me (as it did last night), I usually report it to both the local authority and to the police. T...