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by hemo
16 Nov 2017, 10:58pm
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: Cargo Bike Electric
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Re: Cargo Bike Electric

As stated the legal motor rating allowed is 250w with out over heating but a decent 250w hub can handle 600 - 700w max out put. The power output is delivered by a combo of the battery and control 36v x amps = watts so a 36v battery combined with a 15a rated controller = 540w nominal at the hub this ...
by hemo
16 Nov 2017, 10:38pm
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: e bike info
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Re: e bike info

You need to show a pic of the bike .
Also if the motor is brushed or brushless count how many phase wires go from the controller to the motor.
It it has 3 you are in luck if not you aren't.
by hemo
16 Nov 2017, 10:18pm
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: Help with battery replacement
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Re: Electric bike battery

A month or so old now the only way to know what is really happening with the battery is to check it with a digital volt meter ( dvm) , opening up the battery and taking readings from the Battery management system (bms) sense wires is required. Also a preliminary check of the charger is needed to rul...
by hemo
16 Nov 2017, 10:02pm
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: Q: How much resistance when motor is OFF
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Re: Q: How much resistance when motor is OFF

The treacle feeling is just the extra weight of the hub and is centrifugal, if that extra mass was evenly distributed at the circumference of the wheel it wouldn't be so bad, but as the mass is central at the axle it is a heavier dead weight to move unpowered. Low gearing is needed until you are rol...
by hemo
16 Nov 2017, 9:46pm
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: Electric conversion kit.
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Re: Electric conversion kit.

For commuting and general road riding or a town errand bike then a rear hub motor with pas/cadence sensor makes for a leisurely relaxed ride, if you are sportier cyclist then a mid drive is more like a normal bike and requires you to be in the correct gear and generally a better option for off-road ...
by hemo
16 Nov 2017, 9:19pm
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: Electric Bikes in Northern Ireland
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Re: Electric Bikes in Northern Ireland

It all boils down to the dissolved parliament in NI, they didn't ratify the updated UK EAPC rules governing ebikes when the UK ( GB ) accepted the EU 250w standard for EAPC's. So a bit of a pig's ear, there is a female pedelecer in NI who hasn't helped the cause at all as she has set the bar height ...
by hemo
16 Nov 2017, 9:12pm
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: Carrera Vulcan E problems
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Re: Carrera Vulcan E problems

A few threads on Pedelecs, the Carrera does have an issue with cutting out an dseems to be a bit hit and miss as it happens under any circumstances. One owner thinks the issue is the motor cable connector along the rear stay and requires an extra cable tie around it.
by hemo
16 Nov 2017, 9:08pm
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: are electric assist bikes the future ?????
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Re: are electric assist bikes the future ?????

More and more lbs's are displaying them, if it interests non cyclists to get out then it can only be good thing.
I believe they are the future but they are not overly cheap, the main issue is the battery and caring for it esp when not being used often.
by hemo
16 Nov 2017, 9:01pm
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: E-Bike Battery
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Re: E-Bike Battery

If you aren't riding over winter charge or discharge your battery to 38.5 -39v and leave it in a frost free cool environment once a month put in on charge fro 10 minutes and then just leave it in store again. I use 18650 cell battery packs and lipo the only difference is the chemistry involved both ...
by hemo
16 Nov 2017, 8:28pm
Forum: Electric bikes
Topic: Taken the plunge.
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Re: Taken the plunge.

Although my first post here have to agree with Eddie. There are only 2 legal BBS's both 01 or 01B versions they are factory stamped as 36 250w 15a or 36v 250w 25a. The factory settings/parameters are usually set to be very tame mainly to prevent controller issues and warranty claims, to get the best...