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by Igobybike
8 Apr 2018, 4:51pm
Forum: Bikes & Bits – Technical section
Topic: ‘Glueless’ patches
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Re: ‘Glueless’ patches

All I can say is I've used them. Some unknown brand I bought from LBS. They work. Even if they only got me home I'd be satisfied with that, but actually they're better than that. Experience shows I'm more likely to get another puncture somewhere else than have the patch fail on me. And that's on nar...
by Igobybike
5 Apr 2018, 10:45pm
Forum: Lands End to John O'Groats
Topic: Royston Woods - A Safer Way - Who has actually done it ?
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Re: Royston Woods - A Safer Way - Who has actually done it ?

Haven't done it but look forward to reading your account of it, since that's the route I'm planning on later in the year, in the same number of days. Thanks for being the vanguard :D
by Igobybike
2 Apr 2018, 11:16pm
Forum: On the road
Topic: You Tube Head Cam footage
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Re: You Tube Head Cam footage

Experiences seem to vary. I ride from Finsbury Park into Islington, then down hill to Kings Cross, daily, and across London to Hammersmith occasionally. I won't say I never have a problem, but it's very, very rare. I don't bother with a headcam because there'd be nothing interesting to record. I am...