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by Anura
16 Oct 2008, 2:19pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: kidney warmer
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More on Kidney Warmers

Following on from this probably now outdated subject, Lidl have a range of Angora warm underwear, including a - KIDNEY WARMER for very little.

Could be a little warm for young, healthy people but if you feel the cold !!!
by Anura
15 Oct 2008, 2:29pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Lovely way to start the day.
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Lovely way to start the day

Merlin our Siamese Cat charges up stairs to bedroom, goes long way round (small) bedroom, walks over husband's face, back to my side, leaps up to window sill, then honks down the space between immovable bed and radiator window wall! Lovely. fortunately this isn't too often. You have to be a contorti...
by Anura
14 Oct 2008, 2:53pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: The Parish Cycle Ride
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The Parish Cycle Ride

Oh, well done. It's such a hilly ride. I was aware of Parish Walk but not Cycle Ride. My husband used to do the walk. (cant believe that now as he walks to his car!) Do post some pictures Mary, I'd love to see some recent ones of the Island. Can't get over myself at moment as Dad's between hospitals...
by Anura
11 Oct 2008, 6:03pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Little ray of sunshine on a miserable day!
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Hi Firebird, I'm from Warrington too. My cycling is usually the odd short ride I can fit in between elderly parents, other commitments & weather. Try to got to local shopping centre by bike mostly as it's only couple of miles just to keep going. If you live in the Birchwood area you've probably ...
by Anura
8 Oct 2008, 6:15pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Best way to clean a chain?
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To Clean a Chain

Mick F, wish you lived closer to me I would commission you to do all my chains. And my housework too, judging by the newness of your transmission! Don't think mine have ever looked like that, mind you don't think I've ever had any that colour, they always seem to have been dark to start with. I've t...
by Anura
6 Oct 2008, 5:43pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Ok Ok .......
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Simon King and Ray Mears come to mind. Ray mears seems so dependable & Simon King has a very nice voice!!! I'm sure there are more, will have to think about it.
by Anura
6 Oct 2008, 5:39pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: How to deal with stones
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It's a bit late to be re-doing road as bitumen lays better when weather hot or even warm. Maybe as it's a private estate it's been a cheapie job & they've not put layer of bitumen on.
by Anura
4 Oct 2008, 12:39pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Pubs Closing
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Pubs Closing

We've got a local pub in our little estate and it has ranged from doing well, going really downhill, then coming up a little again, together with changes of management. I think I've only been in it about twice in the 20 odd years I've lived here. The village where my husband has his garage/workshop ...
by Anura
30 Sep 2008, 11:49pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Warrington cyclist killed
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Woman Cyclist Killed

I passed the scene of that accident about 5 hours afterwards and it was still cordonned off! I believe there was a child with her but that may be just passed down talk. In fact, I was sworn at by a driver when I was correctly positioned for a right hand turn, just past where that accident happened. ...
by Anura
27 Sep 2008, 11:33am
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: kidney warmer
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Kidney Warmer

My dad used to stuff newspaper down his front & if it was really icy/cold down his pants at the back as he really used to suffer with his back if it got cold. Took it out when reaching cafe! After all, tramps used to use it didn't they? I think I've seen some of The Tour riders stuffing paper do...
by Anura
24 Sep 2008, 10:59pm
Forum: On the road
Topic: Cycling with your ipod on
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Cycling with iPod

I don't have iPod! Have sometimes cycled with small radio and always have volume such that I can hear traffic from behind. I used to listen to radio at work with earphones (since they removed our radio 'cos of performing rights) and could always hear other people's conversations - haha handy eh! Tro...
by Anura
24 Sep 2008, 12:10pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: ...If these are any good (mirrors in bar ends )
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Mirror on strap?

I miss the mirror I had on my ICE T trike. I kept looking for the mirror on my bike. Have delta trike now (hence name) and must try to find one to fit this as I found it really invaluable knowing what was behind. Someone once gave me a mirror on a strap (piece of elastic) that he'd made but I hever ...
by Anura
21 Sep 2008, 6:16pm
Forum: Using the Forum - request help : report difficulties
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I created this post, then went to view it and found someone had added a bit of an insulting phrase at the end of the Topic.

I tried to edit it but it wouldn't let me.

Can anyone tell me what happened please?
by Anura
19 Sep 2008, 3:39pm
Forum: The Tea Shop
Topic: Running 10k
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Well done you I did a bit of running about 10 years ago, best was about 58 for 10k. Tried to take it up again couple of years ago but knees protested. Kept trying but they kept protesting. Problem Osteoarthritis. I now don't even try but just walk & cycle. Just be careful of those knees & ge...
by Anura
15 Sep 2008, 12:09pm
Forum: Does anyone know … ?
Topic: Where to hire a tricycle?
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How to hire a tricycle

Redbug As promised I give below the address for Wheels for All Centre in Leeds. South Leeds Stadium Middleton Grove Leeds Yorks LS11 5DJ 0113 3950159 I went to a local one once to try out a trike recumbent. You have to pay about £15 I think (maybe more now). They cater for people new/returning to cy...