Carradice saddlebag sizes

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Carradice saddlebag sizes

Postby brooksby » 7 Dec 2017, 10:25am

I'm considering buying a Carradice saddlebag. My choice on which one to buy is dictated by whether I can fit a 34cm long pump flat in the bottom of the main compartment. The Carradice site gives sizes which it says are the dimensions of the main compartment on each of their saddlebags. However, looking at other internet retailers gives completely different sizes.

Does anyone have a Pendle or a Cadet? Can you confirm how long the main compartment is on those?

Many thanks! :D :D

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Re: Carradice saddlebag sizes

Postby Brucey » 7 Dec 2017, 10:44am

IIRC a small(ish) bag with side pockets that will allow you to fit the pump as desired is the lowsaddle longflap model. A cadet is also long enough and a pump of the sort you plan to use may fit diagonally somehow in the main compartment of a pendle.

Pumps (good enough for emergency use) are not too expensive; why not get a bag you like and then if necessary buy a pump to suit?

BTW I'd counsel that leaving your pump in the bottom of the bag is not ideal; if (as you should) you have a support of some kind, everything else in the bag will be forcing the pump onto the support, which may damage it. I use a couple of re-usable zip ties to secure a small pump to the dowel inside the bag.


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Re: Carradice saddlebag sizes

Postby LollyKat » 7 Dec 2017, 1:27pm

I've just measured my Pendle - the main compartment is 31cm and even diagonally is only 33cm. That's a little smaller than Carradice's site claims. I bought it 2-3 years ago so it's possible they've changed the dimensions since then. You could still get the pump in if you attach it to the dowel as Brucey suggests, and just let each end poke out a little under the flap.

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Re: Carradice saddlebag sizes

Postby Shuggie » 7 Dec 2017, 1:28pm

My Pendle is just over 30cm internally so it won’t take your pump. Maybe as Brucey suggests, buy a pump to fit the bag you’d like?

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Re: Carradice saddlebag sizes

Postby brooksby » 11 Dec 2017, 11:08am

Thanks for this, everyone :D It sounds (really) stupid, but the pump I have is the first one I've bought (six years ago) and is the one I'm used to: I didn't really want to spend the best part of a hundred pounds on a saddlebag and SQR system and then also have to buy a new pump. Anyway, all moot now as the money I thought was coming in, isn't, so I'll have to stick with my panniers... :roll:

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Re: Carradice saddlebag sizes

Postby Heltor Chasca » 11 Dec 2017, 12:14pm

I ended up with an unwanted, new Barley from another site for ‘not very much’. When you do go back to the idea, I find it best Velcro the pump to the wooden dowel at the top. Doesn’t take much room or fowl the rest of the bag’s contents. And it is quiet. No rattles for me thanks.