Carradice saddlebag, how old is it?

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Carradice saddlebag, how old is it?

Postby tincaman » 13 Jun 2018, 3:09pm

Bought this from ebay, looked on good nick for less than £30, but I can't work out how old it is. Any ideas?

After searching through a lot of pictures, it looks like Carradice went from the plastic label to a cloth label sometime in the late 70’s, when they moved premises. This bag is possibly from the period when they started with the cloth label but before they also added the reflective strip or triangle as well. Most of the Carradice bags from the 80’s have an orange reflective added

Do you think this is correct?

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Re: Carradice saddlebag, how old is it?

Postby colin54 » 13 Jun 2018, 4:09pm

Late '70's sounds about right ,I got a set of panniers then with that black on white label,it does have

orange reflectors on the pockets though .A friend gave me a Nelson longflap in the '80's with the silver on

black label and orange triangle reflector and a shorter address.

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