Looking to buy a high end bike but

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Re: Looking to buy a high end bike but

Postby Cugel » 11 Jul 2018, 9:30pm

The utility cyclist wrote:The mere fact they are designed as AERO specific frames dictates that the cable runs are internal as much as possible, that's the whole point :roll:
This is what customers have wanted and it isn't a new thing and goes back a long time, there are plenty of options for those that don't and it's not about keeping up with the jones's, it's about progression for specific reasons.

External cables on a so-called aero frame will make no meaningful difference to the overall aero profile of the bike and rider. If you think they will then you've likely absorbed an advert meme.

What many customers "want" is what the advert man and the resultant peer pressure tells them they ought to want. Few seem to have any understanding of the functional advantages ... or rather, the lack of them ... associated with internal cables. The "progression" is merely the progression of the fashion cycle, driven on by the consumer-producer hegemony.

There are more and more bikes sold with internal cables, not just so-called aero bikes. This is a PITA since these cables often make a gawd-awful rattle and are often very difficult to replace. In addition, the often convoluted path of an internalised Bowden cable can greatly degrade brake or gear operation.They offer no advantage other than that fashionable "look".

But I know that some blokes think that their bike is some kind of frock to look nice in as they "promenade"..... Personally I don't want to be some fashion designer's Barbie-doll on a bike. :-)


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Re: Looking to buy a high end bike but

Postby landsurfer » 11 Jul 2018, 9:52pm

Call SPA, buy one of their Sportive frames and build your own .. Class bike will be yours.
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