Riding to St Petersburg

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Riding to St Petersburg

Postby Incredible-Tom » 14 Sep 2018, 9:39am

I am a 50 year old social worker, living in Xanten, Germany. I plan to ride the Euro Route R1 from Boulogne sur Mer, France, to St Petersburgh,

Russia, by bicycle within the next couple of years. I plan to spend a share of my yearly vacation (up to 10 days) to ride a part of this path and

leave the bike where I stop, so that I can continue by the next year.

I plan to start my travel in London, next year. Ride down from London in 2019 to Dover, take the Ferry, ride to Boulogne sur Mer and continue from there to Den Haag, leave the bicycle in Den Haag until 2020.

To get started I need to ride my bicycle from my home place in Xanten, Germany to London (ferry from Hoek van Holland to Harwiche and continue from there), plus fly back from London Stanstead to Germany - > to Weeze, which is pretty close to Xanten.

I need a safe place to leave my bicycle until about Octobre 2019, when I come back to the UK to start my journey. I would appreciate some sort of car park for bicycles around London Stanstead, or similar, a garage, a cellar / storage room.

You got any ideas where I can find such a place ?

Anyone here who would like to accompany my journey ?

yours sincerely, Tom

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Re: Riding to St Petersburg

Postby whoof » 14 Sep 2018, 5:20pm

I think you would need to find a kind person who would allow you to leave your bike at their home.
Den Haag has bike parking garages but they are only free for one day, beyond three days it's 2.50 euros per day so it would probably be cheaper to buy a new (second-hand) bike.
https://www.denhaag.nl/en/in-the-city/g ... -hague.htm

As far as I know there are no such parking facilities in the UK.
You could just travel to and from your start/end points by train with your bike.