Posting wheels

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Posting wheels

Post by belgiangoth »

Looking to post some wheels. Looking at MyHermes the site only mentions weight, not size, which surprises me. Anyone have any experience (or possibly a link to the other requirements MyHermes have beyond weight)?
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Re: Posting wheels

Post by backnotes »

Confusing. Putting Hermes parcel size into Google suggests that there used to be small, medium and large Hermes parcels: ... ium#prices

But the actual Hermes website seems to say there are now just two sizes - letterbox-friendly, and larger than that but within certain limits, and once you are bigger than letterbox and it is still smaller than a certain maximum size, it then depends on weight: ... can-i-send ... h-a-parcel

I assume "volume" actually means "circumference" here. Anyway, unless it is a (front) penny-farthing wheel or some very heavy wheels you are sending, sounds like you should be OK?

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Re: Posting wheels

Post by pete75 »

Try UPS. I recently posted a motorcycle wheel with them via Parcel2Go and it cost £6.68
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Re: Posting wheels

Post by PH »

I got caught out with Hermes via Parcel2go, I filled everything in, for a non cycling large but light item, then got charged an excess because of the size. I'd added the cost to the sale, so had to take the loss.
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Re: Posting wheels

Post by Redvee »

I used Hermes to send a frame I sold via Ebay, went with the cheaper option where I had to take the parcel to the local parcel store, only downside to that was the store is at the top of a hill and I live at the bottom of the hill.
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