Best Way to clean Waterbottles?

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Re: Best Way to clean Waterbottles?

Postby pga » 28 Sep 2015, 12:43am

Milton in the bottle.

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Re: Best Way to clean Waterbottles?

Postby bainbridge » 28 Sep 2015, 10:25pm

A good swish in hot water with a bit of fairy liquid it perfectly adequate for me.

The main thing is to wash them straight after a ride to avoid any nasty stuff multiplying. When touring if I arrive at the destination for the day knackered I'll still give them a quick swill in water and then leave them full of water while I sort myself out, then give them a proper wash later.

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Lance Dopestrong
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Re: Best Way to clean Waterbottles?

Postby Lance Dopestrong » 30 Sep 2015, 8:05am

Chuck 'em in the dish washer, press "Start". Couldn't be simpler.
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Re: Best Way to clean Waterbottles?

Postby beardy » 30 Sep 2015, 9:03am

It could, if there isnt a dishwasher there to chuck it in.

Tangled Metal
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Re: Best Way to clean Waterbottles?

Postby Tangled Metal » 30 Sep 2015, 9:48am

Don't you need a bit of acid with bicarbonate to sterilize? The theory is it releases co2 which kills the bugs, but that needs acid conditions to release the co2 from the bicarbonate.

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Re: Best Way to clean Waterbottles?

Postby johnmac » 30 Sep 2015, 9:38pm

Bottom shelf in the supermarkets - thin bleach - 29p/2litres. Just a small splash of it, fill the bottle, 10 minutes, then rinse. Thin bleach does not have thickening agent, so will rinse easily and nor does it have any added pine aroma, so the bottle won't smell like a clean toilet! I know this because homebrewers use thin bleach to sterilise everything.

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Re: Best Way to clean Waterbottles?

Postby Farawayvisions » 30 Sep 2015, 9:49pm

After washing and rinsing, I use a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda, some water then shake the bottle vigorously. Empty and rinse again. This takes any weird smells away.