How can people chuck £800 away?

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Re: How can people chuck £800 away?

Postby Swallow » 22 Nov 2015, 10:54pm

I was going to sell my Raleigh Randonneur (Rosie) to my brother. My daughter said "You can't sell Rosie, you've had her as long as you've had me" 22 years
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Re: How can people chuck £800 away?

Postby Des49 » 22 Nov 2015, 11:18pm

Swallow wrote:There are many reasons, I have a brand new Dawes Clubman in the garage that has never been ridden. I suffer from Spinal Stenosis, Psoriatic Arthritis and DDD and have had spinal surgery and haven't been able to ride for some time. I also have three other bikes just sat there but selling seems like giving up.

I know someone who had a very bad accident years ago. He will never ride again.

Bumped into him and had a decent chat with him earlier this year, our first chat for a few years. He told me he purchased a really nice Italian racing bike recently (2nd hand, he couldn't resist he said) and he will just look at it occasionally. This gives him pleasure in itself.

I had tears in my eyes then and again now.