Old rear rack "Made in England"?

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Old rear rack "Made in England"?

Postby anticuariodelujos » 2 May 2016, 1:45am

Dear all,

I'm a newbie vintage bike restorer from Colombia, SA. I recently acquired a set of rear racks w/stand (dutch style) purported to be from England (maybe from the 1950s) but I have reason to believe they might not be the real deal, especially since the only marking they have is a "Made in England" and nothing else. Does anyone know if it's possible that they were actually "Made in England", or are they counterfeit?

Thanks in advance for your help.

PS. I apologize for the image size, but img resize didn't seem to work in the post Preview.


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Re: Old rear rack "Made in England"?

Postby LollyKat » 2 May 2016, 11:36am

I certainly remember lots of racks like that being around in the UK in the 1950s - my mum's bike had one for a start. They were common on traditional roadsters.

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Re: Old rear rack "Made in England"?

Postby cjchambers » 2 May 2016, 12:43pm

Welcome to the forum :)

Two reasons to believe it's genuine:

a) The lack of makers mark is not suspicious. Even nowadays, many things do not have the manufacturers name stamped on every component. This was even more true in the past - I've handled plenty of vintage car and bike parts, and I'd say parts stamped with a makers marks or even part numbers are in the minority - mainly just the special stuff like hub gears. It just wasn't seen as neccesary or advantageous back then.

b) Why would someone want to counterfeit vintage 'Made in England' racks?! It's hardly likely to be a lucrative business - not like making fake iPhones or Louis Vuitton handbags!

I have seen pressed steel racks like this on many many British bikes from the 1930s through to the 1980s. Hope that reassures you somewhat.

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Re: Old rear rack "Made in England"?

Postby freiston » 2 May 2016, 2:44pm

My margins have been busted!
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