Maps for Etrex 30

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Re: Maps for Etrex 30

Postby ANTONISH » 7 Sep 2016, 9:11am

Thanks for that advice Geomannie. I did enable OSM Generic routable (63242088) _ I don't know what the number means but I couldn't find any evidence of a map. Besides that I now have OSM Generic Ro OSM generic routable AUT - which I can see refers to Austria. Maybe I got a bit confused but the SD card wouldn't give me a map in basecamp until I'd gone through the procedure with the tiles. It was as if the Garmin program was translating the data into a map format.
Obviously I've got to where I want to go after some frustration and playing about.
I'd like to make the point that the Etrex 30 can be a bit daunting - (a decent manual would be nice) - but if one perseveres it's a very useful device.
On the AUK website there is a link to Francis Cooke's series of guidance on GPS which is also informative.

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Re: Maps for Etrex 30

Postby Binkyboy » 30 Sep 2016, 6:49pm ... 00810.html

shows one way of loading free maps onto your Garmin

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Re: Maps for Etrex 30

Postby Brian696969 » 1 Oct 2016, 11:10am

I have the Edge 1000, and yes the manual is really useless, as are all Garmin manuals. Having said that, and having persevered for many months, I have to say that the 1000 is a very useful piece of equipment.Even now, I'm still finding new features that I never knew existed.

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