Loctite advice please

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Re: Loctite advice please

Postby Brucey » 28 Oct 2016, 11:17pm

landsurfer wrote: ... Any mechanic, fitter, technician or engineer will tell you that bolts, washers and locknuts are never re-used .... doh !

In which case they would usually be wrong. D'oh!

Some bolts are 'one time only' use, but most are not, since their correct use involves only elastic loading.

If in doubt refer to the manufacturers. But imagine if it were true; you'd have to bin your stem bolts every time you moved your handlebars, and throw away your QR skewer after each use, etc etc.... :wink:

Not that I fancy it in every case, but Philidas claim that several of their locking nut designs are (in contrast to many other varieties) re-useable.


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Re: Loctite advice please

Postby landsurfer » 29 Oct 2016, 8:57am

To quote a teenage generation .....;
I'm off out on my bike, its a lovely morning, I hope nothing comes loose or drops off. :D
Bye now, and thanks for all the fish ......
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Re: Loctite advice please

Postby nirakaro » 29 Oct 2016, 9:46am

Wow! The world, they say, is divided into people who are right...