Do You Think I have a Case...

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Re: Do You Think I have a Case...

Postby SeanMcN » 13 Jan 2017, 6:19pm

Thanks once again to everyone for their views.

I am happy to say that the retailer has now offered to to provide all replacement parts free of charge if I organise the labour. Based on your advice I have made some local enquiries and can get this sorted for less than £20 so I have accepted their offer and will be back on the road within a week.

One of the spin off discussions from this thread related to the Bike to Work scheme. I hope the following points answers a couple of questions/observations which seem to still be "open".

1, B2W advised me that retailer participation is conditional upon contractual agreement with B2W that they will treat the end consumer no differently than any other consumer notwithstanding the complexities of ownership etc attached to the scheme.
2, B2W wrote to the retailer encouraging them to find a reasonable settlement to my issue following my request to B2W for advice. Settlement with the retailer was reached very quickly during a call I made to them once B2W advised me they had written to them.


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Re: Do You Think I have a Case...

Postby 531colin » 13 Jan 2017, 9:38pm

£20 labour seems reasonable enough.
Probably worth paying them a bit more to check over the rest of the bike, I would say.