Anyone taken their bicycle on the portsmouth-bilbao ferry?

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Re: Anyone taken their bicycle on the portsmouth-bilbao ferry?

Postby mrjemm » 14 Apr 2017, 9:49am

Was a pleasant journey. Very comfortable and relaxing. No cinemas, shows or other stuff though, being no frills version, only a small shop, a bar, a cafe (only open in morning to 10am) and restaurant that only opens at mealtimes. That is it. Lots of reading and watching dolphins on approach to Santander. Indeed getting on and off was simple, although had to walk whilst aboard.

Ship called Baie de Seine, not Pont. Long passage for a ferry, 08:45 to 13:15 (BST) next day. Information desk had board games and books available to borrow. Cabin pleasant, but no facilities such as kettle or tv/stereo, nor potions in bathroom.

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portsmouth-bilbao ferry a complete fraud

Postby Cyclekingtouring » 6 Jun 2018, 2:56pm

I took my bike by this route and found it to be a complete rip off.
First they charger you the same whether your a single traveler or
family of 4 for the cabin. So it's about €289 for one person one way. Almost the same as going with a car rather than a bike. Then there's no buffet restaurant like on the channel crossing ferries there's only A al carte with a fully 3 course dinner costing €49 for one person or a shop mini Marche where you can by over priced breakfast at €4.95 and a single glass bottle of wine for €5. The cinema is not a proper one like you would expect for a £7.00 ticket it's a load of TV all linked playing the same DVD and there no surround sound it just a standard TV audio. So for a cyclist the trip costs closer to €350euros else you plan to do nothing but read for 24 hours. Its alot cheaper to go by train and stay in hotels or pay to ship your bike and fly.
Up-to-date as I traveled on the 6-6-2018. I booked my ferry two weeks in advance.

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Re: Anyone taken their bicycle on the portsmouth-bilbao ferry?

Postby brianleach » 6 Jun 2018, 3:24pm

The last time I was on this ferry I was not in a good state following a crash so my information will obviously be out of date.

The Brittany Ferries cabin policy is however the same as it has always been. As you say it is per cabin not per person. Personally I always have a cabin on day and night crossings as I travel alone and it means I do not have to carry my valuables about throughout the journey. Extravagant I know.

The journey very much depends on which ship you get it seems. I would never travel to or from Santander on the Economie ferry. Facliities are very limited and it is a small ship for a long journey. I like to think you get what you pay for but perhaps not in your case.