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Bike storage shed

Posted: 9 Jul 2017, 6:06pm
by roberts8
I am thinking of a store that takes three bikes. Tiger sheds do one 7 ft by 5 which I am sure will do the trick but thought I would ask advice. We are not in a high crime area, touring bikes only and they will be chained together and a upgraded hasp and staple will be fitted. Any material and will be in full view so I guess the location will be fairly safe. Thanks in advance.

Re: Bike storage shed

Posted: 9 Jul 2017, 7:23pm
by mines-a-pint
Asgard have a good selection of metal bike storage units, they have good reviews but may be overkill for your needs if security isn't an issue...

Re: Bike storage shed

Posted: 9 Jul 2017, 10:46pm
by gaz
Don't worry too much about upgrading the hasp and staple, unless you can reinforce the entire structure. If thieves want to get in they will.

If at all possible fit a ground anchor(s) in/through the floor of the shed and lock the bikes individually to it. Use a number of different types of lock that may need different types of tools to defeat each of them.

Consider leaving the bike you'd miss the least at the front of the pile, or even adding a sacrificial unlocked bike/lawnmower.

Check with your local shed companies to get a feel for quality of materials, size and layout. They may have offers on too.

Re: Bike storage shed

Posted: 9 Jul 2017, 10:58pm
by Gareth01244
I have an Asgard shed and have been really pleased with the product. I have added a ground anchor and chain to increase security but thats just for my peace of mind. Look out for discount codes as they regularly have a 10 % off deal over bank holiday's or other notable dates such as Easter etc. Easy to build and maintenance free unlike timber.